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Police Seizes Alleged Drugs
Dealers With Arms In Ganta ?

By Solomon T. Gaye Sr.
The Liberia National Police assigned in the commercial city in Ganta, over the weekend seized fire arms and ammunition from an alleged drugs dealer, Jaspa Hne, in Nimba County.
Speaking to this paper at the Police Station in Ganta, PSU Officer Sgt. Abel N. Nyeswah disclosed that over the weekend, the LNP patrol team came under attack by a group of people believed to be Zogoes or motorcyclists at 12; 45 a.m. while patrolling the main street in Ganta.

PSU Sgt. Nyeswah pointed accusing fingers at Jaspa Hne, the alleged drugs dealer and ringer leader of Zogoes allegedly fired a single barrel pistol at the LNP officers on the main street and fled the scene.
According to the PSU, Jaspa Hne was among over fifty motorcyclists and people believed to be Zogoes who blocked the road leading to the main street near the Justina Bar and Restaurant, thereby impeding the free movement of people and vehicles at about 12; 45 a.m. respectively.
Jaspa Hne according to reports gathered by this paper is a defeated candidate for the Representative seat in Maryland County during the rule of former Pesident Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. .
Reports further revealed that Jaspa Hne, after losing the Representative seat immediately went in conflict with the law and was declared wanted by the LDEA in Maryland County for alleged trafficking of drugs coupled with illegal possession of illegal weapons among other criminal related issues.
Jaspa Hne has been arrested by the Joint Security assigned in Nimba on several times, investigated, charged and sent to court and detained, but after few days, he surfaced in the community.
Many of the residents on several occasions also pointed accusing fingers at the judicial branch for an alleged release of a suspect accused of crimes in the county.
Since the arrival of Jaspa Hne in Nimba three years ago , this is the third clash with State Security linking him to being in possession of drugs and being a ring leader in Ganta, Bain Garr District in Nimba County.
Speaking to Radio Voice of Gompa news magazines, Jaspa Hne explained that he was celebrating his birthday with his family at Justina Bar and Restaurant when he came under attack by the LNP officers headed by Archie’s Dennis at about 12: 00 in the night in Ganta.
According to Jaspa Hne, LNP Archie Dennis and his men allegedly discharged fire arms while celebrating his birthday with his family.
When this paper contacted Archie Dennis, the LNP Commander Ganta detail told this paper that Jaspa Hne was among drugs dealers declared wanted by the LDEA for an alleged trafficking of drugs into the country.
LNP Commander Dennis disclosed on June 4, 2022 , that over fifty men were marching behind Jaspa Hne without clothes with candles in their hands and set up a blockade to cut off the road leading to the main street at about 12:30 A.M near Justina Bar and Restaurant in Ganta.
According LNP Commander Dennis, LNP Jaspa Hne and his men immediately opened fire as the LNP was trying to find out what was going on at such hour in the night.
LNP Ganta Detail Boss Dennis over the seizure of a single barrel pistol and rounds believed to be a 38 magnet pistol were seized from the group pending investigations.
When this paper contacted thE LDEA Sub office in Ganta, LDEA advisor, William Fayia said that Hne was a fugitive declared wanted by LDEA in Maryland, Nimba for an alleged trafficking of drugs into the country coupled with other criminal-related issues.

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