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Police Restrains Mysterious Deaths Protesters

By S. Siapha Mulbah (Cub Reporter)

The Voices United Against Injustices long planned protestations in demand for Justice for increasing mysterious killings and disappearances is at confused state as the Liberia National Police stands firm in taking protesters from the streets.
The group gathered yesterday at the Freeport of Monrovia in an attempt to call the attention of the government to the several mysterious killings of recent in the country without any investigative result as in the case of Princess Cooper and many others that have lost their lives.
The scene became chaotic when the riot officers of the Liberia National Police showed up making arrests of at least 10 persons and were taken and detained at the LNP headquarters.
From the arrest action the rest of the protesters moved over to the police headquarters seeking the release of their colleagues and those arrested includes Queen Johnson, Prince Charisma Tamba, Stephen Testimony Vorkor, Dr. Momo (Princes Cooper’s Family Spokesman), Matina Konateh, Grace N. Wildah, Morris Kermoh, Nancy Cooper and Cyrus Cooper
For a little more than three hours without any redress, the protesters took on the main street at the Capitol Bye Pass, thereby impeding the flow of traffic on two occasions.
Speaking to this paper from the police custody, Stephen Vorkpor said that the action exhibited by the police will not in no way put a halt to the protest till justice is served.
According to him they are again going to gather at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium on today even if those arrested by the police are not released.
Speaking to the protesters at the police headquarters, Cllr Tiawon Gongloe attributed the cause of the daily protest on the Liberia National Police.
According to him, the police is the root cause of why people all around the country are in fear of the justice and protection of lives in the territorial boundaries of the state.
He revealed that the silence of the police while they are conducting investigation is another serious blow in the eyes of justice and one could take it as a reason to stay in fear for one’s life.
He said in the case of Princess Cooper the police was in it worse position to come out to the public with an initial information through its spokesperson Moses Carter that there was no foul played.
The legal mind said if only the matter which had and continues to take the country’s attention in order to have justice served could be handled with professionalism, there could be no doubt of oppressing justice.
“The police is to be talking to the public on these issues that are important, but they have been a failure in that respect,” he added
He then assured the public that the case will not lose its significance as the legal team remains committed to ending impunity and secret killings in the country.

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