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Police Requests Run-off Campaign Schedules

By Grace Q. Bryant

The Joint Security spokesperson, Moses Carter, is urging the political parties that made it to the run-off election to submit their respective campaign schedules, in order to avoid electoral violence.

The Liberia police spokesman encouraged the political parties to uphold the Farmington Declaration signed by them months ago.

Spokesman Carter called on leaders of the two political parties that are going for this month’s run-off to share the message of a non-violent election, adding that one way to curtail electoral violence is to avoid going to gatherings of political parties that you do not belong to.

“If you are not supposed to be part of any political activities of your opponent, stay away,” Carter said.

He said most often, the Joint Security is blamed in cases of violence, not knowing that the police are not informed of those activities.

According to Police Carter, they used the SWOT analysis, which means, they analyzed their strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat, in order to improve on them for the run-off election.

“The run-off election is in full swing and we are prepared to tackle any violence,” added Carter.

The LNP spokesman added that based upon the way their officers handled the October 10 elections, it shows some level of improvement against brutality.

Mr. Carter used the medium to appreciate CSOs, the general public, international observers, political parties, and the media, for the peaceful conducts during the first of the elections.

Meanwhile, the LNP is investigating three persons in connection to stealing a one-month old male child.

The child’s mother left him with suspect Tonia Mulah to take things to her new home, and upon her return, she couldn’t see her son, only to later find her son in suspects, Jenneh Kamara and Alieu Kamara’s room but after a vigorous search.

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