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‘Police Is Not Enough For Elections’
…Justice Minister Tells Legislators

By Bill W. Cooper
Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean says the present strength of the Liberia National Police is not enough for the upcoming Tuesday, October 10 Presidential and Legislative Elections in the country.
He is however calling for the augmenting of the strength of the joint security mainly the police where there are approximately 4,000 which is insufficient to fight against any instability, as such, there is need for recruitment into the police service.
Dean maintained that the police currently needs up to 8, 000 to add up on the available 4,000 men, adding that, that will enable the police to be present in all counties across the country.
Minister Dean was speaking yesterday, January 9, 2023 when he along with members of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Liberia Immigration Service (LIS), the National Security Agency (NSA), Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) and the Liberia National Fire Service (LNFS) appeared before members of the Liberian Senate.
The Senate plenary recently, invited the above listed government institutions to provide an update regarding issues surrounding the security sector within the country.
Justice Minister Dean’s assertion comes as Liberians are poised to go to elections on October 10, 2023 that is considered as the country’s most crucial elections to elect 73 new Representatives, 15 new Senators, and a President to steer the affairs of the country for the next six years.
Minister Dean in his assertion also decried the issues of inadequate logistics and limited budgetary allotment as some of constrains the country’s security apparatus is being faced with.
“Distinguished Senator, this is an issue I think you all need to look into. Every time I hear people saying the police or the security of the country is not working, it pains me because they do not also know constrains we are going through,” Dean said.
“Let me state this for the record; as we speak, the current police is not enough, and more to that, you will not even believe it that the highest paid officer is a little over US$130, and with this, how do we expect the police to function effectively?,” he wondered.
“And even the new uniform you will see some of the police officers wearing is being bought by them. But I can fairly say in this open manner that if the security apparatus of this country is to function effectively, there is a need for them to be prioritized and well-cared for,” Minister Dean added.
Commenting as to whether there is a master plan for the country’s security, Minister Dean further indicated, “Yes, we do have a master plan that was initiated by UNMIL and we have also been on our guard since UNMIL’s drawdown and it will help us greatly during the 2023 Elections.”
Meanwhile, Minister Dean has at the same time assured of the joint security’s commitment in protecting the peace and security of the country during and after the 2023 General Elections.

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