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Police Arrests Lover’s Alleged Murderer

By Precious D. Freeman
Mohammad Agogo Monster Barrie, the man who allegedly murdered his girlfriend was apprehended June 7, 2022 Liberia National Police(LNP).
According to the report, he was arrested around Rick Institute in Brewerville.
A 21-year-old woman only identified as Kemah was reportedly murdered by her boyfriend on Monday in Brewerville.
According to sources, the boyfriend Mohammed Agogo Barrie once played for Bomi County in the Liberia National Meet.
The incident which occurred yesterday at the Brewerville community brought together neighbors, family members and police to view the lifeless body of Kemah.
The deceased’s uncle Julius Luis explained that his niece and her boyfriend have been together since 2018 and had a child.
He mentioned that he had never heard of any misunderstanding between his niece and her boyfriend; a situation so bizarre to understand its complication.
“This is the worst news we have ever heard in the family because Kemeh was one of the caring and promising daughter in the family,” he intimated.
Meanwhile, he is calling on the Government, the Liberia National Police and Border officers to immediately step into the case so that justice can be served.
He maintained that the night before the incident occurred, his niece and her boyfriend had a party to which they invited some friends.
“I’m not blaming anyone for the mysterious death of Kemah but it’s so unfortunate that when the killing was going on there was no one in the neighborhood that would have heard her yelling for help,” he added.
The uncle stated further that the boyfriend left a note behind indicating his reason for the acts and claimed to regret it.
The note read; “The decision I took led me to what I’m in today; fellow brothers and sisters, please be careful and do not make the mistake I made today and let’s listen to our parents.”
“The woman that I abandoned my family for is the one that destroyed my life and future; she dashed me at a point that I have lost everything in this world. I know that what I’m about to do is sinful but I cannot live with it. I love you mama and papa and I will always love you; if I would have listened to your advice, then I am on another level, but I cannot stand it and I cannot live with it, please take care of my daughter, Mary Barry,” Barrie’s alleged communication concluded.

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