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PLP’s Leader Makes Big Political Promises

By Precious D. Freeman
‘’Dr. Cassell is here to liberate you; your problems are all solved, because the eagle is here; this is the time for the PLP to redeem their citizens,” the PLP Political Leader mesmerized his new followers.
The Standard Bearer of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel Cassell, disclosed that his Party will liberate and redeem Liberians who are in poverty.
He made the statement when he welcomed over hundreds of new supporters on Tuesday at the PLP headquarters in Congo Town.
He explained that lots of people are suffering because of self-enrich politicians, adding that many youths have dropped from school; market women are struggling on a daily basis and people hardly find jobs in the country.
PLP Boss promised the citizens that he will always be there for them in making sure that things get better, especially if they do not have friends to help them and jobs to apply for.
Speaking to the new partisans, he promised to restore the development that is lacking in the country, and to bring back the changes that are needed in the lives of the citizens.
”Look at the high unemployment rate; students are all in the streets not going to school and women are suffering, just in the name of the recycle politicians who are not willing to help,” he mentioned.
”A true server is a public server; a public server is one who works for the people, but self-servers are only there to serve themselves and family, and I’m ready to be that true server who will bring joy on your faces,” he assured.
Dr. Cassell added that he is the one who will fight for the nation’s betterment, because he loves the people and wants to suppress the level of poverty in the country.

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