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Phebe Community Endorses Karfiah’s Senatorial Bid

By Patrick  Tokpah

The Phebe Community citizens have endorsed Bong County Electoral District 5 Rep. Edward W. Karfiah’s Senatorial bid, ahead of the 2023 General and Presidential Elections in Liberia and that the Phebe Community is one of the many communities in Bong County that is noted to have a high level of educated and intellectually potent youths, women and men in general.

Reading the petition on behalf of the Phebe Community citizens on January 21, 2023, Harris Namo Flomo said they have maniacally disagreed with the political working of the various senatorial aspirants of Bong County and they have hereby used their third eye in these critical elections (October 10, 2023) resolved in supporting the team leader, political godfather of Bong County, the indispensable leader that we can all boast to have in the legislature and best of all, the rescuer, rebuilder and restorer of their prestigious Bong County in the person of Hon. Edward W. Karfiah.

According to the Phebe Community citizens, their decision was triggerd by the following: Purchasing of land for Phebe Airstrip Youth Association, his  initial contribution of US$ 1000 for the building of the youth center on Phebe Airstrip, Purchasing 40 bundles of Aluminum Zinc for the St. Lutheran Church on Phebe Compound, Purchasing 200 bags of cement for the Phebe Community Lutheran High School on the Phebe Compound.

Others were the purchasing of 14 bundles of Zinc plus ceiling and tiles for the Victory Holy Life Church on Phebe Airstrip with the purchasing of 16 bundles of Zinc and 200 bags of cement for the City of Hope Church on Phebe Airstrip with 12 bundles of Zinc for the Cuttington Garden School, and the building of the G. W. Gibson Annex in Sinyea, Town Bong County with the re-construction of the famous Blue City formally Leper Colony through the Kwatekai Africa.

The petitioners further said that in 2019, Karfiah gave L$80,000 to the Independent Elections Commission to conduct a peaceful and transparent youth election on Phebe Airstrip that brought the current leadership to power, noting that Hon. Karfiah gave L$40,000 to the watch forum group on Phebe Airstrip in order to save the community.

Additionally, the citizens revealed that in 2019,   Karfiah’s wife, Johnetta Tabitha Karfiah appreciated the Phebe Airstrip women with L$800,000 for their sensitive decision in voting her husband as representative for the second term in Suakoko District.

In 2022, Karfiah gave US$ 300 to the sporting committee to carry on our traditional Zonal league on Phebe Airstrip and in 2022,  Karfiah purchased 12 bundles of Zinc for the Harvest Intercontinental Ministries -Unlimited on Phebe Airstrip and also provided US$ 1,000 to private teachers, in 2014.

He said that he further provided L$ 50, 000 worth of materials to Zone 8 Women in Phebe Airstrip for economic empowerment and donated 35 bags of cement and US$ 100 for Phebe Airstrip Women Center Project Educational/Human Resource Development.

 However, the Phebe Community citizens said Rep. Karfiah has been the highest tuition aid/ scholarship at the Nation’s premium University Cuttington University from 2012 up to the present and also provides tuition aid/Scholarships to the Esther Beacom School of Health Sciences formally known as Phebe Para Medical Training Program/(P TP) among others.

The citizens said  based on all these life-changing development they decided to petition or endorse Rep. Karfiah Senatorial bid in the County.

Responding to the citizen’s petition, Representative Karfiah lauded the Phebe Community citizens for their decision to endorse his senatorial bid in the county.

He further told the petitioners that he will continue to undertake more developmental initiatives in the County if he is elected as Senator.

The Bong County Electoral District 5 Representative at the same time told the citizens of the Phebe Community not to be carried away by those who he described as election-time investors who are running in the political corridor of Bong County.

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