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“Perform Your Responsibilities With Patriotism” -VP Koung Urges Senators

By Bill W. Cooper

Vice President Jeremiah Koung is urging members of the Senate to perform their legislative responsibilities with a deep sense of patriotism to address the many challenges facing Liberians.

The VP emphasized the need to serve the nation with unwavering dedication and commitment, aimed at fulfilling their campaign promises and living up to the expectations of the citizens.

Presiding over the Senate’s deliberations for the first time yesterday, Veep Koung highlighted the crucial role of Senators in driving progress and prosperity for the people of Liberia.

This, he stressed, “Permit me to seize this opportunity to express profound thanks and appreciation to former President George Weah and my predecessor, former VP Jewel Howard-Taylor, for their stewardship of our beloved nation over the last six years.”

“I believe that the ultimate winners in these elections are the Liberian people, who are the true custodians of our peace and democracy. So, as we commence our deliberations, we must perform our collective responsibilities with a deep sense of patriotism, bearing in mind that the true protectors of the political power we possess are the people,” he said.

The VP maintained, “The welfare of the Liberian people should constitute the overarching focus of our developmental agendas and attending debates for the next six years.”

“Now, I stand here to remind this august body that our people are demanding a drastic change in our leadership paradigm; our people are yearning for accountability and respect for the rule of law. They are seeking opportunities for employment and investments; they are demanding the rebirth of the merit- based system, where competence and results are the primary focus of our public sector,” he said.

He told the Senate that the people of Liberia are anticipating that they (Senators) will enact laws and implement policies which address their socio-economic needs, saying, “They are in a state of high expectation that we will strengthen our nation’s relationship with international partners.”

According to him, these are the enormous responsibilities which confront the Legislature, precisely the Senate, and as such, Senators must embrace it without any degree of doubts.

The Vice president informed the Senators that the 1st regular Session of the 55th Legislature is not only historical because it climaxes the constitutional responsibilities of the 54th Legislature, but also sets the platform for the emergence of a new era of a smooth political transition which has enhanced Liberia’s democratic credentials.

He added, “As we take pride in the many commendations received from friendly nations across the world, we must be reminded that the ultimate goal of our service is not in the victory which comes during elections, but in the crafting and execution of laws and policies which have a positive transformative effect on the lives of our people.”

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