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Peace Campaign Liberia Calls For Investigation

By Precious D. Freeman
Peace Campaign Liberia (PCL) is calling for a speedy and independent investigation into the violent attacks of some of the political leaders of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) in Grand Gedeh County recently.
The organization said sources are saying that the violence was prompted due to so many invectives that have been thrown out on President Weah by Rep. Yekeh Kolubah of District # 10 in Monstserrado County.
Speaking in a press conference in Monrovia, the Director of PCL of Liberia, Sylvester Cytric Choloplay, said the campaigners’ aims and objectives are to sustain the peace and promote sustainable development as well as advocate for stability within the borders of Liberia.
PCL stressed that the Constitution of Liberia which is the organic law of the state provides in Article 13 (a) that, ‘Everyone within the Republic has the fundamental rights to lawfully move throughout Liberia and to reside in any part thereof and to leave therefrom.’
Following its condemnation of the act carried out by some residents of Grand Gedeh County, Mr. Choloplay called on the government to unite the country and at the same time encouraged all citizens to avoid violence especially as the country goes into the process for the senatorial election in December.
The PCL is at the same time joining call with the world organizations like the European Union, African Unity, U.S. Embassy to encourage the government to be sincere in its independent probe for the adjudication of the matter.
The campaigners intoned that sustaining Liberia’s peace is what matters and as such it calls on both parties to refrain from undue provocation and the promotion falsehood that have the tendency to increase political tension, division and violence in Liberia.
The Peace Campaign Liberia which is a nonprofit and nonpolitical organization is a sub-chapter of Peace Campaign Nepal which was established by dedicated youths in Nepal for the promotion and protection of children, youth, peace and security through research advocacy.
Recently, the political leader of the Alternative National Congress and Chairperson of the Collaboration Political Parties (CPP) Alexander B. Cummings and Representative Kolubah along with members of their party was attacked in Grand Gedeh, an incident President George Weah has already instructed his security to thoroughly probe.

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