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“Patricia Flomo Ran Away From Psychiatry Camp”
..Teahjay responds To vehicle Theft Claim

By Alex Yomah
In an apparent response to allegation of vehicle theft against Sinoe County Senator, J. Milton Teahjay, has responded recalling that the proponent of such villainous claim against his person ran away from a psychiatry camp based in the United States of America.
Senator Teahjay has since refused to confirm whether or not he was referring to his accuser, Ms. Patricia Matee Flomo and said that the allegation spewed against him was false, misleading and an attempt to attack his character due to political reasons.
“The car was sent in my name as my property. I have all documents to the effect. I will not give Patricia Flomo the vehicle because I don’t owe her any car,” Teahjay clarified.
He explained further that Ms. Flomo narrated that his younger brother’s former fiancée wanted to get something from him that is not hers, something he said he will not adhere to and no amount of bullying him would lead to him succumbing.
Recently, Ms. Patricia Matee Flomo, a US-based Liberian currently visiting Liberia went to court to seek justice alleging that she asked Senator Teahjay to use his immunity as Senator to clear her vehicle from the Free-Port of Monrovia and turn it over to her father who is now late.
She said that since the senator cleared the vehicle, he has allegedly refused to deliver said car to her father until his demise and to date, the Senator has her car.
“Hon. Teahjay cleared my Vehicle early March of this year at which time he was instructed to turn it over to my father who is now late, but he refused to do so stating that the car belongs to him,” the complainant said.
According to him, on November 8, 2021, the Resident Judge of Criminal Court “B” at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia issued a citation for Senator J. Milton Teahjay over an alleged involvement in a vehicle theft but threatened to have Judge Nuta impeached.
Addressing a press conference at his Capitol Building office yesterday, Teahjay refuted the claim, noting that he owes Miss Flomo no vehicle as claimed by her.
Teahjay narrated that his younger brother’ fiancée (MS. Flomo) and him have never had any discussion about any vehicle owned by her, contrary to claims against him.
He explained that the vehicle in question was sent to him in his name from his younger Brother Patrick Teahjay in Minnesota, United States of America.
Teahjay said before Ms, Flomo took the airwaves, she complained him to Cllr. Arthur Johnson as his lawyer to represent her in the case, at which time, Cllr. Johnson requested his presence at his office where he went and met his accuser.
”In that meeting, I asked her few questions about the car and she confirmed that she had never had conversation with me about ownership of a vehicle. More to that, in the presence of our lawyers, she called her former boyfriend appertaining to the matter and he reportedly and loudly told Cllr. Johnson that the car is not hers,” Sen. Clarified.
Meanwhile, Senator Teahjay has threatened to take legal action against Judge Nuta if he fails to retract his citation sent him.
According to him, the country is a country of law not for men, stating that Judge Joma Jallah recently and inadvertedly withdraw his citation to him for conference and after he realized that he was in violation of Article 42, he yielded to his response of contempt charge threats with similar response to Judge Nuta.
“Since then, Judge Nuta has refused to respond to my call. If he does not do any retraction, I will take legal action against him,” he threatened.

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