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PATEL Craves Exclusive Seats For Liberian Businesses In Legislature

The National chairperson of the Patriotic Entrepreneurs of Liberia (PATEL), Dominic Nimely, has threatened a mass protest action if the Legislature fails to create seats for the business sector.
He said it is disheartening that Liberian businesses are finding it difficult to survive daily because the elected government has refused to empower Liberian-own businesses; something he described as being wicked and bad governance.
Mr. Nimely who is also the Chairperson on Commerce and Trade of the Liberia Business Association in a conversation with a team of journalists on Wednesday in his office said owners of Liberian businesses are struggling and strangulated because of wrong representation in the Legislature.
The Liberian businessman wondered why the legislators have misrepresented themselves over the years when they should have been engaged in helping to make proper laws instead of seeking after their personal interests.
“All the troubles you are faced with today in Liberia are from the National Legislature and not the office of the President because they are the ones who are representing and at the same continuously misleading you,” Mr. Nimely blasted.
Mr. Nimely angrily reacted to the APM Terminals, GTMS and BIVAC who are constantly and criminally conspiring to corrupt the people of Liberia by imposing heavy duty fees against.

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