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Pastor Nugba Blasts Gov’t

By Bill W. Cooper
Weeks after the Roberts International Airport suffered from power outage, a clergyman, Pastor Samuel Fornatee Nugba has called on the governing CDC regime to stop shifting blames and take responsibility of major happenings in the country.
Pastor Nugba made the call recently, on the Bushrod Island after the Abosso Apostolic Faith Church climaxed its 72nd National and International Holy Convocation.
The Church’s National Overseer stressed that the CDC cannot be in the driving seat of the state and keep alarming over financial challenges to the extent that the country’s international airport lacks 24 hours electricity.
He said both citizens and the country’s economy will suffer a major economic setback, if the sitting government fails to apply frantic efforts to ensure that those international flights continue their operations in the country.
“Let the government wake up; there is no time to relax; let’s forget the too many excuses and shifting blames. Once you are in the driving seat, like this CDC Government, it should stop shifting blames on past administrations and improve our seaports, airport, health sector, infrastructure; we need the positive change since they promised the Liberian people when they were in opposition,” Pastor Nugba stated.
“The government should stop complaining about no money especially with the airport issue and take responsibility because economically, we stand to benefit a whole lot,” he averred.
Overseer Nugba is also calling on the opposition community not to only sit on the fence and criticize the CDC government, but should join President George Weah to make some interventions in major challenged sectors.
“To the opposition, every government has its own agenda. Learn to join in hand with President George Manneh Weah and make intervention in the provision of electricity, including other basic social needs and wants of the citizens,” he stated.
“The opposition has the crab mentality, because if you are not the one in leadership, then the current leadership should not do better; this crab mentality must stop and let everyone support the government in the interest of the country,” he stressed.
Meanwhile, Pastor Nugba has admonished members of the Abosso Apostolic Faith Church to extend the ministry’s branches to other parts of Liberia to accomplish God’s mission.
He said the church currently has branches in Montserrado, Maryland Counties and neighboring Sierra Leone, adding that it is his dream to establish religious cells to the other counties of Liberia, including neighboring Ivory Coast and Guinea among others.

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