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P.A.W. Ends Ministerial Empowerment Seminar

A two-day ministerial seminar under the watch of the presiding bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, (PAW) Inc., Leo M. Simpson, has ended in Liberia.
The seminar which get underway from April 21-22 at the miracle praise and worship center, Liberian West African council, 35th Episcopal District P.A.W. in the J.J.Y. Community, Gardnersville brought together more than 30 thirty ministers most of whom are members of the Executive Board of Director (E.B.D) the highest decision making body of the church from across the country.
In his welcome statement, the presiding Bishop of the P.A.W, Dr. Simpson thanked God Almighty that, after such a long, long time, the called, saved, anointed and sent ministers of Jesus Christ, have assembled on those hallow grounds at a scheduled ministerial retreat.
Speaking futher, Bishop Simpson told the ministers that he has no reservation, that they were in a genuine retreat for the two days and should open their mind, heart, souls to receive God’s word for a change.
The two-day ministerial seminar was all about empowerment through teaching in order for the ministers to return with new skills and mindset that will drive the P.A.W. to another level for empowerment both physical and spiritual.
Some of the topics facilitated by Bishop Simpson were; Definition/call to ministry, Holy Ghost preaching/teaching; the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Evaluation for the call to the ministry; Are you really called to the ministry? There must be a genuine and valid call from God.
Other topics include; some biblical examples of test for ministers of the gospel, who’s the spirit? Without the Holy Spirit Adopted sample funeral service formal, some scriptural texts for funeral service as well as adopted sample wedding formal marriage ceremony, special services and relationship in general, among other.
Pastor Jomah Worwor preached on the theme: Cultivate the Grace of Leadership with Text drawn from I Peter 5:1-5, cautioned the ministers about their responsibility which is to teach sound doctrine, guide the vision of the presiding Bishop, and submit to the church authority.
In a related development, the former district elder and now Bishop of Bethesda Temple Church in Illinois, USA, Jallian Johnson, was overwhelmingly voted for by the ministers with oversight responsibilities to the 35th Episcopal District Pentecostal Assemblies of the world-Liberia, West Africa.
It was also agreed that the 2023 national convection of the P.A.W. will be held at the Calvary Church of Hope of District Elder Amos P. Betheh, in Bong County, while certificates for attendance were given to participants at the two-day seminar.

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