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Over 133 Lessened From Hearing Difficulties …As Church Aid Screens, Tests 522 In Monrovia 

Church Aid in collaboration with World Hearing Day has improved the hearing difficulties faced by Student Varney Georg, 11, a 5th Grader at the Government-run Kpallah Public Elementary and Senior High School in Brewerville following a screening.

Student George had carried a piece of rock in his ear for about three years before his screening by Church Aid, a health promotion group, which he kept hidden from his parents because of fear that his carelessness would have caused him some stern discipline. 

The situation had affected him for the past three years, without George disclosing said information until the screening was done.

During Church Aid’s 3rd Community Outreach through a campaign to promote hearing healthcare in Liberia, the rock was removed from his ear as a part of the first observance of the group’s World Hearing Day in Liberia, leaving him with excitement.

Besides Student George, about 87 other children were screened and tested at the public school brining to total about 522 persons who were screened and tested. 

Among them, three students required hear aid said, which made ear and hearing care a reality and a main goal of the campaign.

The day was also celebrated interestingly, with International Women’s Day, where a community outreach for the first Observance of World Hearing Day was also carried out, which similarly marks the sixth Day of commemorating World Hearing Day.

The exercise concluded on March 8, to treat hearing difficulties for children of community and women, thereby bringing them joy and honoring them. 

It began on Sunday, March 3, with a radio talk show and community awareness and then day two with a Parade, indoor activities providing awareness to students and parents from six schools, as well as outdoor activities including sports and screening and testing of about 81 people, amongst others.

Days four and six were the awareness, screening, and testing of about 117 people including students, at the Assembly of God School in Brewerville; among them, about 133 persons with partial hearing loss were restored, while about 20% of the week’s caseload required hearing aids.

Church Aid and a team of volunteers, according to Bishop Kortu Brown, performed exceptionally well during the exercise adding, “We congratulate them. We thank all the actors who participated in this year’s celebration.”

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