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Orator Decries 3 Groups For Societal Ills

The 172 Orator, Leymah Gbowee, has decried the three groups of citizens in the country and described them as the ‘Ruling position, Opposition and No Position,’ indicating that their respective roles undercut the growth of Liberia. In her oration delivered at the Samuel Kayon Doe (SKD) Sports Complex on Friday, July 26, Madam Gbowee stressed that Liberian cannot be stronger together because her assessment from those she interviewed showed that each of the three parts Liberia is divided comes with rhetoric and hate messages that are worse than the war rhetoric in Liberia.
In Madam Gbowee’s dissection she explained that, “No Positions are the ones that suffer the most in our society. Their children are the key recipients of the messy education system. They are the ones who suffer the poor health care system. Justice for most ‘No Positions’ is nonexistent. They live in abject poverty and can barely afford a meal a day. They are the everyday Esau’s: their political alliances and choices are never developmental driven but driven by stomach infrastructure. They fail repeatedly to look at the plans or even ask for plans from politicians. Rather, they take cash, t- shirts and bags of rice.”
“I agree things are tough. Life is hard. People are hungry. But if we fail to ask the hard questions when we have the power, why are we surprised when we elect SGGs: “Steal, Grab and Go,” The Orator said.
Still on the No Position group, she mentioned that this group of people have the “government must” and “that the people’s thing attitude,” and they refuse to get involved constructively and creatively in national issues, including issues affecting their daily lives. “No Positions hold government responsible for everything including the garbage they throw out the windows when seated in public and private transport,” she claimed.
“The ‘No Position’ group feel that they are separate from politics and decisions. But this means they have allowed themselves be played like a game of tennis or a soccer match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. By having no position, they tell themselves they are excused from the dilemma we face as a nation,” she concluded on the No Position.
She asserted that the ‘Oppositions group,’ are bunch of recycled politicians or aspiring politicians who “Claim to have all the answers for our national problems, including peace and reconciliation. Opposition suffers from a severe case of amnesia. They refuse to acknowledge that they too have contributed to our national crisis. Opposition is often so desperate for power that they are willing to align with murderers, criminals, con artists and just about anyone to achieve their goals,” she descended.
“One interesting thing about the opposition is that their enemies of yesterday can easily be friends of today and critics of yesterday can quickly become praise singers of today. The Opposition, in most instances, operates from a place of intense irrationality with no room for common ground. The opposition is suspicious of every, and any interaction with the ruling position, labelling anyone that interacts with the ruling position a “sell out” or a regime collaborator,” she said.
According to her, opposition makes it extremely difficult for politicians to interact across the divide and increases the level of deception and two-facedness in our daily political interaction. The Opposition in many instances perpetuates “Us versus Them” rhetoric, increasing the division in our country through their words and actions. There is no space for collaboration and partnership to solve the people’s problems, she lectured.
She mentioned in her oration that, the Ruling position come into power with “Da Our Time” attitude, winner takes it all. “The Ruling Position has a severe sense of entitlement; believing they have the right to a certain position and lifestyle. They have no room for criticism and anyone who holds views contrary to the agreed upon view is seen as the enemy,” the Nobel Laurent further intimated.
“The Ruling Position expects blind loyalty; which turns the story of the “Emperor with no clothes” into a reality. Leaders are fed a diet of unnecessary praises and lies by members of the Ruling Position. All for one purpose: jobs. Jobs that they are in most cases not qualified for. Political appointments within the Ruling Position have absolutely nothing to do with qualifications but rather a person’s ability to sing the political anthem of the day. “Pressure” in one case or “Gbeyama” in another case,” she maintained.
Madam Gbowee, looking into the faces of President George Weah and the visiting Presidents, opined that the Ruling Position of which he [Weah] heads, gives rewards not on the basis of excellence but on the basis of who can denigrate their opponent the most on social media and other platforms.
According to her, such as action on the part of Ruling Position, produces what she calls, “Culture” A culture among our young people that states that competence and education are not necessary tools for ascending to any position.
“The Ruling Position often has misplaced priorities. Their development agenda is nicely written on paper but implementation is basically their private projects. The Ruling Position, like the Opposition, also suffers from a severe case of amnesia, forgetting their actions and reactions when they were opposition,” she went on with ascending hands of applauds from listening crowd.
The outspoken Orator said, for generations, “We have lived in this vicious cycle of Opposition and Ruling Position. When Opposition becomes Ruling Position, too often they adopt the same practices that they used to critique. When the roles shift, the situation remains the same or are exacerbated. While Ruling Position and Opposition continue to argue about who is right, our country is gripped by many vices. Our young people are feeling hopeless. Drug addiction has taken over Liberia.
She also noted that education is perceived as a mess by both sides of the divide. While Ruling Position and Opposition go at each other’s throats, reminding power that, “Our children’s futures are being mortgaged; natural resources are sold to those who have no development agenda for the Republic of Liberia. While these groups argue about ideology, Liberian women are raped, abused, maimed with no form of justice. Our country continues to lag behind our neighbors while these groups clash.”
Cautioning the three groups, she said, there is need for Liberians to sit individually and collectively and do some serious soul-searching on where Liberia wants to go as a nation and added, “For us to be stronger together, we must agree on a set of collective values that we will live by and teach to the next generation. Values that will guide our national politics as well as our everyday life.”
“The Bible says, two cannot walk together unless they agree. It will be near to impossible for us to be stronger together if we have not agreed on the values of the journey of togetherness.” She admonished all citizens.
The Independence Day Orator called on President Weah and members of the Legislature to be proactive in the fight against corruption stating that for Liberians to believe that government wants to fight corruption, it must be impartial and set as an example for one to follow stating that President Weah cannot declare his assets and have it locked-up.
“Mr. President, members of the Legislature, the fight against corruption is not in words, it is in action. You must walk your talk. You cannot preach against corruption and then not declare your assets and keep it locked up,” she told President Weah.
“Show us what you came with so that in a few years when you’ve got two houses, we can know that you already had those resources in the bank,” she said.

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    Two this first four on-line video chatters randomly selected in fox news and also Chatroulette used to be exposed when you are all their drawings sprang out. The [url=]russian single women[/url] fifth everyone only just developed a register with the reveal which experts claim read carefully: “like show me and my friends one’s own boobs,

    with regards to much better or more annoying, Chatroulette will resort viral within the in a huge opportunity.

    Use of the site has grown very fast so it unveiled in december, plus mainstream blog posts news media institutions are hands down onto the catching method. with regard to 35,000 splendor on Chatroulette at any time, in order to a targeted traffic marks launched e-commerce site’s page.

    the site has been phoned numerous things: the new crazy western of online; A stride going on a date exchanging; [url=]sexy russian singles[/url] a great cesspool of all porn; one particular voyeuristic check in to window filmlfred Hitchcock’s “backed eye-port, A way to get human beings at the hands of many types of social collections to work together. a great many via the www video recording software program as Skype and then the major search engines converse let consumers meeting through lead feeds from the internet. And online online dating services as WooMe wear similar showcases.

    on the other hand, In all of those periods, persons decide on whom they may communicate with or perhaps how much friend they would care to talk with.

    via Chatroulette, one interaction absolutely an daring play. there’s not any attention on rate, speed, geography, age group ranges,ageing, nation-wide topics while well as faith. no way to discover who can look on the other side of the digital camera.

    in this appears balanced with directories for example like online social networks, facebook and online dating services, that are prearranged roughly existing social cpa affiliate networks, Creeds, motivations quite possibly location, asserted Adam Ostrow, publisher when it comes to leader at your blog Mashable.

    “it entirely heads outside your safe place, he explained. “especially with twitter and facebook, for being would always associating with actions like you, in contrast to with regards to Chatroulette. you see basically unique the public.

    “in which sure as shooting reminds you that not every person’s as you no doubt. you can think about some freakish tips,

    ellie c. Rosenfeld, a co-employee tutor of sociology at Stanford university or college, considered recent relationships actually emerge from these occasional relationships.

    “my prediction is that there are lots of shallow, light,light, however,though that every once in a while most people is going to strike up a accord, he explained.

    In houston magazine, mike Anderson wrote any time registering to your website one day he was basically dropped without delay due to first 18 regular people he gone through.

    “how they appeared, One caused by one, at the box over the rest my screen an adolescent oriental individual, A school era young woman, men laying concerning your selection sleeping and simply, exercising, i needed become rather appear using joy, that they has written.

    “the idea begun to act like a social fretfulness pain. One guy or girl immediately looked into the digital camera and consequently flipped me without the. an additional were standing facing his software making wave moves with his wrists, neglecting to respond to from I tapped out,

    when ever cnn tried the site, One the world says he previously were built with a heart-felt one hour conversation through the site. in addition he said that was “odd” to have Chatroulette.

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