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Orange Liberia Renews Support For Football In Liberia

Liberia’s premier GSM Company, Orange Liberia has renewed its long standing support to the Liberia Football Association (LFA) with the purpose of supporting the national team, the national league, and the county meet. The renewal of the sponsorship was announced at a press conference held at the Orange Liberia headquarters on Capital Bypass last week. The event was attended by executives from Orange Liberia, the Ministry of Youth& Sports, and the Ministry of Youth & Sports.
Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Youth & Sports honorable G..Andy Quamie thanked Orange Liberia for its continued support to the development of football in Liberia and referred to the sponsorship as the single largest support for the development of football in Liberia. He noted: “we are happy to be here to witness this signing ceremony. We are grateful but not surprised because across Africa, Orange is the biggest sponsor of sports. Even at the African cup of nations and CAF, Orange is the biggest sponsor, so we are not surprised that Orange is the biggest sponsor for football in Liberia.”
His words of gratitude were echoed by Mr. Sekou Konneh – VP for Administration at the Liberia Football Authority who called on other businesses to emulate the efforts of Orange Liberia. The President of the Liberia Football Authority Mr. Mustapha Raji buttressed his statement and went on to congratulate Orange Liberia for the role it has historically played as a supporter of football in Liberia. Mr. Rajii revealed that during the COVID-19 period, Orange continued to make its sponsorship payments to the LFA and even while the football events were cancelled, Orange asked that the sponsorship funds be used for support and development of young football players. He says, Orange Liberia has always gone above and beyond expectation. He described it as an exemplary company that cared not only for its business but for its customers and the nation as a whole.
In response, Mr. Julien Paquier Director of Marketing and Communications for Orange Liberia said that his company was more than delighted to support football in Liberia. Mr. Paquier stated: “Orange is the proud sponsor of football in Liberia including the LFA league, the national team, the Monrovia Football Academy, and the county league.” He stated that with the opening of the football season, Orange Liberia would roll out thousands of dollars in prizes and goodies for football fans.
Acting CEO of Orange Liberia Mr. Diakalia Berte, expressed the company’s continued desire to take football and sports as a whole in Liberia to the next level. He stated: “Orange strongly believes that football is a great medium to support peace and unity.” Mr. Bertie concluded that Orange was a company of its word and had always stood by what it says. He said: “Some people want things to happen, some people wish it will happen, but Orange makes it happen.”

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