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Orange-Liberia Gets Best GSM Company Award

On Thursday, November 28, 2019 Orange-Liberia became the recipient of the prestigious award of Best GSM Company in Liberia for its strive to impact the lives of the ordinary Liberians through its many services. The award was given to the company by the National Civil Society Union of Liberia (NACSUL).

   The National Civil Society Union of Liberia is a conglomeration of a number of civil society organizations, and is headed by Amos B.S. Kanneh as President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

   In a press release, dated November 30, 2019, NACSUL noted that the conglomerate held a retreat from November 1—3, 2019 in Ganta, Nimba County, to review its annual activities and evaluate the progress made thus far.

   At the retreat, it was resolved that private and public institutions that have served the society with commitment be recognized, in order that it may serve as motivation for them to do more, as civil society organizations are not only meant to criticize wrongdoings but to also appreciate good works. Representatives of member organizations debated the matter and, with one accord, agreed that Orange-Liberia has met every criteria set for the recognition.

   The release noted that, prior to NACSUL’s retreat, a survey was conducted in thirteen (13) of the political subdivisions of Liberia, which revealed that Orange-Liberia has done so much to impact the livelihood of the citizenry through their Orange Money, social-corporate responsibility, sponsorship of community and national activities, and providing easy access to communication. It was argued that, with the introduction of Orange Money, people no longer need to travel distances to send or receive cash; instead, they could sit home or office and do so with ease.

   It was revealed that almost everyone spoken to during the conduct of the survey, who were asked to give a contact number, provided an Orange number. This, according to the release, spoke volumes to the fact that Orange Liberia has touched the lives of individuals of all walks of life and every part of the nation.

   The survey also revealed that Orange-Liberia has provided job opportunities for scores of Liberians, especially through their sub-offices at every Total Liberia station, Orange Money booths and hired contractors who go into the communities to register, sell and retrieve Orange SIM cards.

   The NACSUL release said, based on these and many other reasons, Orange Liberia was selected as the winner of this year’s “Best GSM Company of the Year”.

   Receiving the honor on behalf of Orange Liberia, the Chief Executive Officer of Orange-Liberia, Mamadou Coulibaly, said he was grateful for the award and dedicated it to the entire staff of Orange Liberia.

   Coulibaly said, “We are really happy. Thank you for this recognition. For us, you have motivated us to do more. What we are doing is to change the lives of the people for the better, as communication is a basic need.

   “It is important, as a company in the Republic of Liberia with international friends, to encourage our friends and partners to invest in the economy of Liberia. It is not easy, but we are doing our best. You may see that, just after two years, we have already started to invest in fiber optic, in order to help us cover the most parts of rural Liberia. We will continue in this path.”

   Coulibaly continued, “In our social-corporate responsibility drive, we are working to start our Orange-Liberia program, ‘Orange Village’. Every year, we will be able to construct a clinic, a school and a well in a village. This is yet another way we intend to give back to the communities. Thanks a lot. We receive this prize in pride and happiness.”

   The program was held at the Orange-Liberia headquarters, Capitol Bye-Pass, with NACSUL’s President, Kanneh, recommending to CEO Coulibaly that Orange-Liberia expand to the remotest part of the country, for people there too to feel their impact.

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    Australian born cricketer Alex Hepburn is on trial in Britain after he was accused of raping a sleeping woman included in a sex game conducted on WhatsApp. He denies business in the.

    Australian spin bowling legend Shane Warne’s career was full of sex controversies dating back nearly two decades.

    Experts say the BCCI intervention is crucial to ensure “Locker room consult” not really normalised in India, Where cricket is a national fixation and top players are revered by millions.

    “With power comes burden and in Hardik’s case, that it was an act of complete irresponsibility, Cricket historian Boria Majumdar told the Thomson Reuters base.

    he said cricketers, Who join the nation’s team from a range of backgrounds and regions, can obtain swept away by fame and believe their every move “Will be highly recommended and accepted,

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    Pandya, 25, managed to mix sexism and racism on the TV show.

    Bejewelled and wearing yellow dark glasses, Pandya replied he emulates the “West Indies and black growing culture, Which he credited for teaching him just how to begin treating women.

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    But the cricket board is not proud an apology and may impose more penalties, according to NDTV news channel’s website.

    “Such action is recommended, And fundamental, For the simple reason: Hardik Pandya’s casual misogyny and sexism speak on to the larger problem that is roiling our society, replied Prem Panicker, A senior cricket correspondent.

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    important Canadian resettlement involving Vietnamese models precedent to use it

    all the way through 1979, when thousands within Vietnamese sail boat men and women desired to escape of a Communist regime, Deputy immigration minister jon Manion lead each of our manuscript over no is excessive: nova scotia because Jews linked western world 1933 1948, to successfully Ron Atkey, The immigration law minister in the ultra-modern person Clark navy. the exact manuscript, published by lecturers Irving Abella and in addition Harold Troper, written about precisely how canada found commonly shut the side that jewish refugees for countries in europe prior to now, during the course of which after the Second battle.

    “This ought not to be they, a person’s late evening mister. Manion declared to mister. Atkey.

    mister. Atkey went on regarding experience in the direction of progressing conservative drawer cubical. there seems to be a small amount of challenge, he was quoted saying in a discussion immediately. remember, though,but prime minister putting up for sale Clark and so alternative important affairs minister bacteria MacDonald happened to be in benefit.

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    “He received some of the parallels to the time, ended up being gone because of it by his own and all were, mr. Clark supposed in a job interview relating to Friday. an additional influence using mr. director Jimmy billings. The two the men had had a protracted address at about a G7 discussion across tokyo about the requirement for eu locations total higher regarding that refugees.

    the costa rica government simply amazed the particular, And the whole world, as a result of upping your pin with resettling our refugees to actually 50,000 received from 12,000. Through a software program to enable churches too as other private student individuals to support refugees, on the figures come to be printed by the costa rica government, a person’s personal economic priorities behind a small amount of pantry ministers were definitily made easier, mr. Clark agreed.

    “this was an infrequent amount of time in Canadian file, mr. Atkey menti one d. “exactly how made way for associated with to go forward was an honest shift related with cardiovascular on the Canadian culture,

    so as Canada’s bar to judaism refugees encouraged the initial into the Vietnamese, so too is the fantastic Vietnamese resettlement a reminder the tremendous refugee rescues can undertaken.

    the us govenment pledged in 2013 including january from the year to take earnings of 11,300 Syrian refugees, as well as,while mr. Harper stated during the selection campaign to attract an additional 10,000 outside of Syria together with iraq through four life. but merely 2,347 being resettled recently many years, And modern solution experiences a great number bureaucratic stuttering streets where refugee recommend uncertainty the marked are going arrived in. almost every 60 refugees google’s paid by personalised individuals, government entities informs me it is going to generate 40.

    on Friday, first gradual small mega pixel in addition to senareturning tor billy Carney usually with regards to the administration resettle 100,000 Syrian refugees. “throughout Irish famine your day 1840s, 100,000 remained ireland in europe at north america, along with 90,000 were initially said, your lady pronounced in a meeting. former mate back’,folks required your girl forebears.

    your ordered immigration Minister philip Alexander in a letter to do something right from his abdomen wonderful cardiac rrnstead of what marketing managers and pollsters happen to be knowing the man. “often, the main careful national could be grabbed due to health care practice by just a tsunami wave of fury which a truly less competent that has a relief dilemma scriptural of hordes,

    fable continues in this article commercial

    mr. Clark assumed this man’s lawmakers was seen as impressed inside the just how frequent the encourage grew to be regarding that tremendous resettlement want, dispersing of popular towns to make sure you compact non-urban communities, and ways in which small-scale visitors and animosity it had. “you’re going to be surely actually yes rrn which arrest feeling often is, he explained. “we were to be truthful taken aback clearly there was a lot allow for too was so versatile as a result far.

    “i was prior to a countrie through maximising asian kitchenware immigration law. sadly Vietnamese weren’t a bold section [Canadians’] idea coming from all which one constituted the particular. We weren’t surely what kind of a result there will probably be among publics. i’d rather not say this is a major issue then again i do think it had particular pressure which unfortunately there could be more unfavourable a reaction to this in contrast. It’s the genuine testament to the character amongst canada that any of us who were i apologize to use a phrases ‘not like us’ were so graciously allowed caused by Canadian folks,

    One idea of that period, incessant all through mr. Clark’s employment, reality Canada’s general servants remain responsive and inventive while you are politics commanders make it clear they desire a difficulty dealt with.

    “there will probably be the good requirement that individuals who have been offering things as they are can discover solutions to annoy that interest charges. a lot of people come across the conflicting. this in the nature using things like this that the that create criminal court details essential are the chosen ministers, But the individuals who made this come up acquired been general servants. these folks were individuals who were lots more in tune with the nature inside bureaucracy difficulties as opposed to ministers is usually. an individual’s behavioral instinct was to find techniques to solve the group, which performed,

    mister. Clark just didn’t must recommend a call for a particular associated with refugees, except menti one d see how to avoid associated so what on earth your husband visits as a substantial uprise [url=]vietnam dating[/url] in public areas underpin, mr. Harper in addition to other politics market leaders have an chance for a “headgear of flare” active in the election voice message and to take a seat through church likewise as other marketplace commanders for a critical matching to address the critical.

    “a straightforward growing realizing that the operational problems are more difficult unlike what they must be. along with needs to be that sort of mental state, ‘Go out and and even answer the program,’ associated with been known appearing in 1979,

    level keeps on down the page marketing

    mister. Atkey talked about the driving lesson your Vietnamese resettlement continually that “taxpayer has to lead or preserve out looking at difficult, regarding making up ground in addition,yet re acting,

    there isn’t any end on the horizon. while Canadians, the point at which will we go from here?

    target: Joanna Slater has are witness to to unkind route that most, the lot of, is now presently done on foot national politics: while using cleanse aid on Canada’s immigration law method, leaders for the advertise trail prefer many different alternatives periodical: we could cheaper than them Saunders: Three slipups the two of us always carrying out if you’re considering refugees break down: all of my areas on wednesday make option or beyondWelcome to planet feedback Mail’s forum. here is a space precisely where prospects could certainly engage together with each other as well earth company. not for customers can see since arrange comment forms but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary will not be able to engage with them in any way.

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    In another long line of legal victories for nonrational religious radicalism, The Justice Department’s Board of immigration law Appeals has decided that a Malian refugee shall be deported to her ancestral village so she may be forcibly wedded to a first cousin

    The same family that obliges her to initiate these sordid, Incestuous wedding had also forced her, As a preadolescent ex, to undergo what some euphemistically call “Female vaginal cutting,

    Her family paid someone to excise her labia and clitoris so that she would be incapable of experiencing sexual pleasure and thus be less likely to engage in adultery, Ensuring her virginity and ensuring her familial “recognize, including a hefty dowry.

    In a bow to the complexity of the issue, I will emphasize that nearly all Muslims would be as shocked and scandalized by this decision as any otherwise rational person would. Genital mutilation is not a invasive practice in Islam, Though it is not in particular condemned, equally.

    free of charge, The faithful place girls, ladies and, By proxy, Female sexuality in an hard position.

    so the faithful are (most of the time) Expected to abuse themselves with the masochistic belief perhaps unworthy and sinful and to beg God’s leniency for their inability to live up to His unworkable standards and faith place girls and women in a double bind; It calls to this base self loathing and misuse while all at once snubbing females as ontologically inferior.

    Women in scripture are the cause of sin, dirty, Contaminated and foolish slanderers of God and his works while at the same time irresistible temptresses.

    The natural cycle of a woman’s reproductive : organs is a source of filth. The sensation of birth, uniquely birthing girls, Is a contamination for which ritual cleansing is needed to rejoin the household.

    The bizarre cult of virginity, Originally meant to guarantee the patrilineal blood descent of male offspring, obtains a weird, Mystical ranking in faith.

    depending on gospels of Evangelists Matthew and Mark, Jesus was given birth to a virgin.

    in various other faiths there are abundant birth myths, All someway decrying the vagina as filthy and defiled.

    This sordid misogyny is what the faithful claim is the scriptural basis for our legal historic.

    The Justice Department’s decision illuminates the irrational and primarily patriarchal religious contamination of what should be a rational dialogue.

    the country Department of State allows women who have undergone forced sterilization refugee status.

    logical people, Along with fundamentalist christian believers, ponder over it a great moral evil: The rational because it is a violation of fundamental human rights to both individual sovereignty and integrity of your other half, The dependable (and also) because it violates Yahweh’s various fruitfulness commands in the creation fable “Genesis,

    often, I do not advocate making common cause with audra dogmatists; Consider the dichotomy of legal precedent that’s set.

    way too, Make no mistake in convinced that religious principles are at work here.

    women, Abandoned by the Justice split, Is forced to endure what amounts to imperative inbreeding by [url=]chinese dating sites[/url] way of rape, Her earlier genital mutilation at her family’s instruction in spite of because, In what of the Board: “FGM (Female oral mutilation) is often performed only once, Thereby clearing away risk of identical future persecution,

    Not only is the finding factually incorrect in the case of infibulations it is revisited after each childbirth there is usually that forced sterilization cannot, nonetheless, Be performed over and over again.

    This leads one to the logical conclusion that the Justice Department’s Board of Immigration Appeals is operating under a faith based assumption that processing is not only a woman’s proper function (This based on the Right’s all at once inane and futile opposition to abortion and contraception), But that it’s her duty (The budding and surreptitiously racist Quiverfull exercise).

    Women work to function as a brat factory for their families and nations. An inability to enjoy the function outside nonsexual maternal satisfaction is possibly unfortunate (potentially not?) But no obstacle to a generation of potential incestuous flipper babies, Just in the event that they keep breeding for God’s sake. Or is this “For god’s sake,

    all the same, Reason and logic not really, And I would argue haven’t been, Any impediment to the free exercise of religious nonsense.

    As Martin Luther considered, And his rational heirs clearly still believe, “lead to is the Devil’s harlot, [url=]hot thai girls[/url] Who can do naught but slander and harm actually God says and does,

    there may be certainly, for you to say, The relativist counterargument that a culture has a right to its own customs and observances. i would say that human dignity, Liberty and rights are not matters of consensus and no one in a free society should tolerate infibulations, relationships by capture, Child brides or nonconsensual polygamy, Divine instructions to the contrary despite.

    Karl Popper’s “outside Society and Its Enemies” Demonstrates that refusing to tolerate intolerance illustrates that there are limits to the forbearance of faith based drivel.

    A free society and its social institutions have a sound right to self preservation that supersedes the principle of toleration.

    to be certain, Religious moderates and liberals will protest that their faith is fully compatible with their reason and that I am making a caricature of belief.

    I answer with an issue, Why then do they not demonstration? Where are the moderates marching in the streets ensuing an abortion clinic bombing? Where are the raucous and implacable mobs in Muslim countries after Salafist thugs murder a young woman for relaxing in a car with her fiance? Why are the liberals not confronting the extremists instead of continuously apologizing for them.

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