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Orange Launches Biggest Orange Money Zagga -Millions To Be Given Away

The Management of Orange Liberia has formally launched the 2020 Orange Money Christmas Zagga Reloaded, which the company says will be its biggest prize giveaway since the series was launched three years ago. As was the case in previous years, it is expected that there will be a new winner announced daily through Christmas as well as a weekly mega prize winner. The company says that more than five million Liberian dollars will be given away to lucky winners as part of the promotion.
Formally launching the promotion on Monday at the company’s headquarters on Capital Bypass, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Mr. Julien Paquier said that the launch of the 2020 Orange Money Zagga Reloaded was geared at bringing excitement and joy to Liberians. “We have always launched the Orange Money Zagga at this time because with Orange, Christmas comes early, and this year is no exception.” He stated that it was the goal of Orange to use the promotion to put extra smiles on the faces of many of its subscribers.
Mr. Isaac Muthama, Chief Sales Officer at Orange Liberia explained that the promotion was being implemented by Orange Money in collaboration with the Harbel Supermarket. “There is no fees to enter the competition, all that our subscribers need to do to in order participate is to ensure that they are registered for Orange Money and they will be automatically entered into the raffle each time they perform an Orange Money transaction,” Mr. Muthama said. He elaborated that Orange Money was now the premier cashless payment method in Liberia and stated that customers could pay various bills including purchasing LEC, LWSC, DSTV and taxes. He also highlighted that hotels, entertainment centers, gas stations, supermarkets and hundreds of vendors are actively accepting Orange Money payments. Mr. Muthama explained: “there is no need to stand on long lines at banks to withdraw money for everyday transactions, Orange Money allows customers to make transactions with ease and convenience. And now, each time you make any Orange Money transaction, you are automatically entered into the raffle for a chance to be one of the daily and weekly winners.”
This year’s Orange Money Zagga reloaded comes with an exciting twist. Ms. Ariana George who serves as Marketing Supervisor for Orange Money Liberia explained that each daily winner would be taken to a Harbel Supermarket branch where they would have 60 seconds to load whatever they could in a cart. “Basically, whatever you can put in your shopping basket in that time will be yours to take home,” Ms. George said. In addition, each week, one winner whose shopping cart was closest to $300 would get the chance to enter the “moneybox” where they would have another 60 seconds to collect as much cash as they could. “You can collect the money in any way you want and you even collect it and put it in your clothing. The only rule is that you cannot bend down to pick it up from the floor of the box.” She said.
To demonstrate that this year’s Orange Zagga Reloaded had officially started, Media Relations Manager Ms. Noosevett Weah made the call to the first daily winner who turned out to be Mr. Cyrus T. Dear of Johnsonville. She iterated that a call would be made to a another winner every single day for the duration of the promotion. “Keep making those Orange Money transactions,” Ms. Weah said, “every time you do anything with Orange Money transactions be it cash in, cash out, bill payments, money transfers or even purchasing call and data credits, you are entered automatically into the raffle.”
Observers including the a representative of the Liberian National Lotteries have termed raffles held by Orange Liberia as amongst the most transparent. In concluding remarks, Ms. Weah warned the public that calls to winners would only come from the number 0778111222 and reminded the public that subscribers who win do not have to pay for anything. Ms. Weah advised: “please do not let somebody call you from any other number and tell you that you have to send scratch cards or money to claim your prize. Orange will only call you from the number 0778111222 and we will never ask you for anything cash or scratch card to claim your prize.”

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