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Opposition Worried Over CDC For Pre-Campaigning

Opposition political parties in Liberia are calling on the National Elections Commission to institute corrective actions against the governing Coalition for Democratic Change for rupturing the 2010 elections laws of Liberia.
Chapter 11 of the revised Regulations and Procedures to political parties, coalitions, alliances and independent candidates says violators will pay a fine up to US$ 5, 000 or its Liberian dollars equivalent for acting outside of the campaign period as announced by the NEC where there is a violation of the guidelines; whether through verbal expressions or symbolic speeches or by other means.
Speaking on behalf of the political parties at the headquarters of the NEC, the People’s Unification Party’s Secretary General, Moses K. Kwegar, called on the elections governing body to punish the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change for grossly, willfully and intentionally disrespecting the National Elections Commission to campaign on February 4, 2023; a date that is far ahead of the NEC’s scheduled date in August of this year.
On Saturday, February 4, 2023, thousands of supporters of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change with sympathizers launched its ‘One Million Men Rally’ to nominate President George Weah for a second term presidency.
Mr. Kwegar said the act of the ruling party to plan and execute precampaign activities was a disrespect to the National Elections Commission and a gross violation of the 2010 elections laws of Liberia; noting that it was prudent that every political party in the country to adhere to the outline of elections activities required by the NEC.
He made the statement on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at the official launch of a Biometric Voter Registration in Liberia.
“This is why we have asked the NEC to take the necessary action should the Commission refuse to take the necessary action; all of us will flood the field and let’s see what happens,” the PUP SG said.
“Liberia is a country of laws, and if we officially inform the NEC to take the necessary action and should they refuse, we all will climb the ladder,” Mr. Kwegar threatened.
He accused the NEC of playing blind eyes to the many violations allegedly being perpetrated by the ruling establishment noting, “This is why we are calling on them to do the necessary thing and punish those violators,” he stressed.
Meanwhile, the NEC has officially launched the 2023 Biometric voter Registration (BVR) Bi-monthly briefing session.
Madam Davidetta Brown Lansanah announced that the Laxton Group, the vendor that is procuring the BVR equipment and software for the NEC and support the NEC in the implementation of its BVR process, has begun working closely with the NEC/UNDP technical team to ensure that the voter registration is fully built to function for the NEC Biometric Voter Registration exercise.
“Laxton has been working in the country for the past months and have conducted its first and second level testing of the BVR software for use during the Biometric voter Registration exercise,” she explained.
The NEC boss said the out-station testing of the BVR equipment and software was done on Division 16 at the Firestone Rubber Plantation in Margibi County on January 25, 2023 to ensure that capturing of fingerprints for manual laborers will not be difficult during full implementation.
“The technical team made a live presentation of the BVR system equipment and software to the leadership of the Liberia Marketing Association during a one-day information sharing session organized by the commission,” Madam Brown Lansanah said.
She said the NEC/UNDP technical team developed and lunched Temporary Staff Application platform to handle recruitment of all temporary workers during the 2023 voter registration process.
“NEC headquarters and magistrates have been trained to manage the recruitment process,” Madam Brown Lansanah stated.
She informed Liberians that US$14,225 out of US$18.37 million requested by the NEC to fund the 2023 election was received by the Commission adding, “The balance of US$14.1 million is due the Commission as per the 2022 fiscal year approved budget.”
“The Commission has been in discussion with the Ministry of Finance Development Planning on the remaining amount in order to support the contractual arrangement with Laxton Group,” the NEC boss stated.

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