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Opposition Wants VRU Process Halted

The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) together with the Rainbow Alliance is at the verge of filing a Writ of Prohibition at the Supreme Court against the Voters’ Roll Update (VRU) process.

 Addressing a news conference on yesterday, September 23, CPP’s Chairperson Alexander B. Cummings said as all is set, their team of lawyers will be escorted to the Supreme Court on tomorrow to file a Writ of Prohibition praying the court to cancel the VRU process that is scheduled to end on Friday, September 25 in Monrovia.

He said partisans and political leaders of the CPP will all assemble and march from the headquarters of the Liberty Party (LP) on the Old Road to the Temple of Justice in Central Monrovia to present their petition to the high court.

Cummings described the ongoing VRU exercise as “fraudulent” and stated that it is not credible to warrant being used during the scheduled December 8, midterm senatorial polls.

He explained how CPP allegedly advanced several recommendations to NEC by sending it computer experts to work or help the Commission with the cleaning-up exercise of the voters roll but that was rejected

“The prospect of a peaceful election depends on the tenant of democratic and the respect for the rule of law in Liberia. But from what is been observed in the ongoing VRU process where voters are been truck nationwide left more to be desired,” he noted.

Cummings went further that up to last year NEC took no steps to adhere to the 2017 mandate of the Supreme Court to improve the voter roll despite the CPP sending it team of professionals to work them which was turned down.

“CPP have however realized that the Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commission are all members of the ruling party and we cannot accept that,” he alleges.

Cummings indicated that CPP will make sure to informed the people that the governing party’s intent is to rig the election but they will not accept same as such process would have the propensity to affect the country’s peace process.

On the alleged involvement of aliens or foreigners in the VRU process, the CPP Chairperson urged the NEC to put into place citizenship verification exercise which was not a problem until the 2005 general elections because Liberians also took up nationality either in Europe or America but had no problem of going and coming to Liberia.

He alleged how part of the ongoing VRU process was being conducted inside Sierra Leone; something that is troubling to the exercise therefore, he maintained that it must be halted entirely.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of Rainbow Alliance, Reginald Goodridge, said the Alliance supports the petition calling for a Prohibition on the ongoing nationwide VRU process.

Goodgridge stated that it is about time that they all must act together and bring a check to what is happening in the national body politics because the alarming irregularities as claimed are not about one party or groups but Liberia and its people generally.

“We have major problems that have caused us to cross the line. We here to support your efforts against the violation of the Constitution because there are lot of missteps including the planned Referendum which if we are not careful could purge the country,” Goodridge stressed.

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