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Opposition Wants Referendum Postponed …Threatens To Boycott The Process If…

By Bill W. Cooper
The Chairperson of the opposition four Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Alexander B. Cummings has disclosed that the opposition community and its supporters will not participate in the pending December 8 referendum thereby calling for the postponement of the process.
Speaking as guest on the “Spoon Talk” on Spoon FM on Monday, November 30, the CPP chairperson said that the decision was reached by the CPP and other opposition political parties that the process be postponed, stating that they are also engaging other civil society organizations concerning their stance relative to the referendum.
According to him, the lack of adequate voters’ education and the picking of few propositions from the over 8 propositions agreed upon are all some of the concrete reasons that the government should see to suspend or postpone the referendum.
He wondered, “Why is the government only selecting few propositions and instructing citizens to vote yes to all? What happened to the entire propositions agreed upon by the Constitutional Review Committee that was set up and headed by former Chief Justice, Gloria Musu-Scott or why is the government in too much rush to carry on the referendum process?”
Commenting on other national issues, Mr. Cummings further lambasted the Weah-led administration for not doing much in tackling the economic challenges confronting the country. He said with the country going backward under the Liberian leader only speaks to the fact that he lacks the proper and clear understanding of governance.
According to him, instead of Liberia as the oldest independent African nation making some massive improvements, the country is instead retrogressing under President Weah more than any other Liberian President, something attributed to the too many incompetent individuals in government.
He however refuted report that CPP is now splitting due to some internal wrangling stating, “There is strong unity in the CPP and we will remain united, committed and strong together in order to serve and give that hope that Liberian people deserve.”
Meanwhile, the CPP chairperson has also threatened, instructing their supporters not to participate in any referendum process if the government through the National Elections Commission (NEC) insists on carrying on the process.
He added that it is time for the government through the NEC to adhere and listen to the cries of its citizens including the recent ruling of the Supreme Court of Liberia in order to avoid any future embarrassment.

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