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Opposition Wants CDC Punished For Precampaign Or Else…

An auxiliary of the opposition Unity Party, the Boakai Square, is calling on the National Elections Commission to institute corrective actions against all political parties including the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change for grossly breaching the 2010 elections laws of Liberia and still carrying out campaign activities, far ahead of the stipulated campaign period scheduled to begin in August this year.

In April, the chairperson of the NEC mandated all political parties, coalitions, alliances as well as independent candidates to take down their billboards, placards, stickers and fliers that were posted in the name of encouraging prospective voters to take advantage of the voters’ registration process.   

Chapter 11 of the revised Regulations and Procedures to political parties, coalitions, alliances and independent candidates says violators will pay a fine up to US$ 5,000 or its Liberian dollars equivalent for acting outside of the campaign period as announced by the NEC where there is a violation of the guidelines; whether through verbal expressions or symbolic speeches or by other means.

Speaking on to this paper, Boakai Square’s secretary general, Smith Peters observed that some political parties including the ruling establishment are in total violation of the NEC’s and are willfully and intentionally carrying out campaign activities across Liberia.

“Right before the National Elections Commission headquarters, there are light poles with the inscription ‘Weah 2023, and there are still posters of the ruling CDC pasted on billboards and light pole with President Weah photos. This is a total disrespect to the national election body,” he said.

“Or is the NEC telling us that they giving preferential treatment to other political parties in these elections,” Mr. Peters asked rhetorically.  

He stressed that the act of the ruling party  and other political parties in candidates to keep their posters, stickers or fliers in the glare should not be condoned by the NEC and that stiffer actions be taken against violators so as to serve as a deterrent to would be violators.

“The law, is the law, and all political parties and persons interested in these elections should comply any and all laws that govern these processes so as to promote peace and stability during the democratic process,” he asserted.

Mr. Peters accused the NEC of playing blind eye to the many violations allegedly being perpetrated by the ruling establishment noting, “This is why we are calling on them to do the necessary and punish those violators,”

“Liberia is a country of laws, and if we officially inform the NEC to take the necessary action and should they refuse, we all will climb the ladder,” he threatened.

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