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Opposition Political Parties Want NEC, Gov’t Act Swiftly

The Opposition Parties collectively call upon the National Elections Commission (NEC) to immediately release the Final Registration Roll (FRR) of certified voters, categorized by location, and to ensure its timely distribution to all political parties and independent candidates.

Delays in releasing the FRR not only undermine transparency but also threaten the credibility of the electoral process. Timely access to the FRR is essential for all political parties and stakeholders to prepare adequately for the elections and to ensure the integrity of the process.

“We call upon all Liberian citizens to remain peaceful as we renew our commitments to a violent-free election, as well as to ensure the integrity of the votes of Liberians. Consequential as these elections are for our country, they must be seen by Liberians to be free, fair, and credible,” they stated

They further said, “We are committed to this shared duty because we understand that Liberia’s democracy thrives only when citizens actively participate and their government acts to uphold their rights and democratic values. Peaceful civic engagement is the cornerstone of our democracy, and we will continue to collectively work to achieve that goal.”

The opposition political groupings reminded the Weah-led government of its significant responsibility for conducting a free, fair, and credible election, noting that it is imperative that the government ensures the electoral systems function efficiently and that all necessary resources are adequately provided to facilitate a smooth and credible election. Ultimately, the responsibility for the success of the elections rests with the Weah-led government.

The Opposition Political Parties then said that they are cooperating to protect and safeguard the votes of Liberians, and are committed to promoting transparency, fairness, and the highest standards of democracy in the nation.

“We call upon all stakeholders, including the NEC and the government, to meet their responsibilities and work together to ensure that the upcoming elections are a true reflection of the will of the Liberian people. We will continue to engage constructively with the NEC and international partners as we all strive to sustain Liberia’s peace,” they emphasized.

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