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One Dismissed For Mail Theft At Postal Affairs:

The Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications has terminated the services of one of its sorters in the Department of Postal Operation.
A Sorter is a person also known as a mail handler, who oversees the loading, unloading, and sorting of mail by postage type, creating batches that move on to the next destination in the sorting and delivery process.
The decision to terminate Mr. Martin Morlee services is in connection with findings from the Inspectorate Bureau Division of the Ministry that he committed Mail Theft, Deception, and Bribery.
Mr. Martin Morlee admitted receiving parcel from a customer which contained, two samsung galaxy note phones, nine pieces of women bra, one pack of human hair among other items to be posted to the United States and a posting fee of US$ 85, but he criminally impressed the customers, offered a fake tracking number and never posted the parcel.
The Ministry views his action as unacceptable, which runs contrary to the Mandate of the Universal Postal Union laws on Mail Tampering and also the Criminal Procedure laws of Liberia.
It is unfortunate that despite ongoing efforts to completely purge the system of mail tampering, mail smuggling and mail-related discrepancies, an employee of ministry will still be involved in undermining the system. Mr. Morlee’s action undermines the conduct of Government business and therefore violates Chapter 4.2.2h of the Civil service standing order.
The public is henceforth advised not to do business with any Martin Morlee as he is no longer in the employ of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.
The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications also wants to caution the public not to deal with any of its employees outside of the mailing system designed at Ministry. Doing so will be at your own risk.

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