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NPP Threatens To Boycott Coalition Nomination Ceremony

The County Chairpersons, coordinators and auxiliaries of the National Patriotic Party have threatened to boycott all activities leading to the February 4th nomination program of the Standard Bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change if the party is not given the due recognition it deserves to play its rightful role in the nomination process.
In a release issued over the weekend in Monrovia following a well-attended meeting, the partisans warned that if the Congress for Democratic Change continues to marginalize the NPP in the coalition; they will pressure their leadership to pull out of the coalition and redirect the party in a new political marriage.
“The partisans expressed regret and frustration over the manner and form the NPP has been treated by the Congress for Democratic Change over the past five years wherein only CDC members are being considered in the allocation of party funds and logistics to function as coalitions as well as preference for appointments in government thereby reducing the NPP as being a mere spectator in spite of the huge support the party put up to secure a victory during the 2017 presidential and legislative election,” the release stated.
“Meanwhile the partisans of the NPP hereby warn their national chairman, Senator James P. Biney, Standard Bearer Jewel Howard Taylor to disengage from all further activities leading to the nomination process and at the same time call on partisans across the length and breadth of Liberia to stay away from all activities leading to the nomination day on February 4, 2023 until the party can be given the due recognition and respect to allow it play its rightful role in the coalition,” the release warned.

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