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No Police Presence Yet In Yarwin Mansonnon Statutory District …Statutory Superintendent Discloses

By Solomon T. Gaye, Sr.
Statutory Superintendent David Jacob says the lack of Police presence in Yarwin Mansonnon Statutory District is posing threat to citizens’ movement in the county.
In an exclusive interview, Superintendent Jacob expressed fear over the lack of security in that part of the county and it is because of the lack of Police officers to effect arrests whenever someone goes in conflict with the law, that justice is being undermined in the entire statutory district.
According to Superintendent Jacob, many of the citizens in the district have to travel six hours to Tappita or Saclepea to complain to Police before arrests are made on the accuse for alleged crimes.
“Because of absent of State Security, aliens and drugs dealers are even using this route in Nimba to go on gold mines in Rivercess County.
The Yarwin Mansonnon Statutory Superintendent explained that the residents have also agreed to host any Police officers that will be assigned any areas in the district to enforce law and order.
Superintendent Jacob pointed out that if nothing is done to assign LNP officers before 2023 presidential and Representative election in that part of the county, political parties’ observers will not be free to campaign.
Yarwin Mansonnon Statutory district form part of district 9 represented by Johnson Gwaikolo in the House of Representatives.
In December 2020, Representative Gwaikolo acknowledged that Yarwin Mansonnon Statutory District lacked police presence which according to him is worrisome and stressed the need for an urgent action from the Ministry of Justice.

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