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“No Country Develops Without Rule Of Law”
…Gongloe Resonates

Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe says for the growth and development of any country, the people must have respect for the rules of law which must first begin with those in authority.
He said once policy-makers do not respect the law by demonstrating deterrence for the commoners to follow, the country will not develop and it does not matter whether the person is big or small in society.
Gongloe made these comments during the formal year-end for Rural Women In Action for Sustainable Development (RWASD) programme held on Saturday, April 23, in Gbondoi Town, Yellequelleh District, Bong County.
He stated that instead of the residents in Gondoi Town be begging around for sustainability, they should group themselves into a cooperative or village saving loan project to improve their lives which is commendable.
Gongloe said self-sufficiency in whatever is the hallmark, not only for organizations or individuals but a country because “no country can develop without the respect for the rules of law.”
With what residents of Gbondoi Town have demonstrated, he continued: “Gongloe and Associates Incorporated shall work with you by being your legal counsel and support you to get a loan from a credible bank because you have demonstrated self-discipline financially.”
The presidential hopeful advanced further that students or people are not taught to steal therefore the need for one to advise their children not to steal whether it is from their country or their very self cannot be overemphasized.
“Do not steal from your organization or your country or government’s money. Yesterday, you were unable to pay rent in a single room but today you are building mansions and skyscrapers here and there,” he noted.
Being that his mother, Elizabeth Menguah Gongloe (deceased) hailed from Bong County, Gongloe automatically became the nephew to the Kpelle-speaking people which is the largest group in Liberia.
There and then, during the program, once again informed the people of his desire of contesting Liberia’s presidency during next year’s polls and was therefore asking for their support as uncles and aunts to him.
Historicizing RWASD earlier, Moses Peters, General Secretary said within a year’s time, they accumulated over L$1.5 million with the total interest of L$204, 950.
He stated further that the total saving was L$1, 304, 000 with a total grant out from the social funds of L$27, 300, and social funds L$43, 320, as the organization had committed membership of 33 persons 26 females and seven males while 4 dropped by the wayside.
On behalf of RWASD, Peters then pleaded with banking institutions or financial bodies for micro loan credits in the country to help them.
RWASD, founded in 2014 year-end closing, was attended by Bong County’s Superintendent, Esther Walker and District 6 Representative, Momia Briggs-Mensiah.
Others were Jannet Sumo, Head of the Village Saving and Loan Association or VSLA, Bong County’s Chapter as well as chiefs and elders and ordinary citizens within the county.

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