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“No Checks & Balances In Gov’t” –Alex Cummings Claims

The Political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and current head of the Collaborating Political Party (CPP), Alexander Cummings, has termed the George Weah’s government as an embarrassment to the Liberian people.
Appearing on a local radio station yesterday, Mr. Cummings alleged that the issue of checks and balance is one of the major issues the CDC-led Government had been struggling to deal with; alleging that manipulation, bad governance and violations as some of the issues.
Mr. Cummings also alleged that both the Judicial and Legislative Branches are playing to the likes and dislikes of the Executive while particularly he termed the 54th Legislature as rubber-stamp; adding that the ANC is preparing to campaign for people with integrity like Senator Darius Dillon who will seek the interest of the Liberian people in the special senatorial election.
According to him, there had been cordial relationship amongst the ANC, the Unity Party (UP), The All Liberian Party (ALP) and the Liberty Party and called on Liberians to see the CPP as the best alternative to succeed the current the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).
Mr. Cummings said, the CPP as a mere political institution had come with tangibles and a structure of good governance that can shift the Liberian political sector and assured that the Liberian people will benefit.
Although, Mr. Cummings stressed that the issue of challenges, he called on the Liberian people to see them as the best choice and not the CDC which according to him, had failed to meet up with the ideology of it was established for.
For the upcoming Senatorial elections, Mr. Cummings said, the CPP has prioritized vote rich counties, as well smaller counties for the upcoming senatorial election scheduled to take place this October as well as the 2023 elections.
“We are going to prioritize all counties; we going to be strategic because counties like Gbapolu, Maryland and Grand Kru are important too, but we are not going to forget those bigger counties. Although, in the Legislature it is one vote, we will campaign to win the entire Liberia,” he stated.
Meanwhile, Mr. Cummings is challenging the Government to live up to what it preached and stop violating the rights of the Liberian people pointing out that he is not afraid to go to jail, but will remain vigilant in speaking truth to power. “Am prepare to go to jail if the evidence is there, but I will not violate anything that will take me to jail,” he clarified.
He further called on the government to make available the reports from the 16b Liberian Dollars as well as the US$25m mob up exercise
In conclusion, Mr. Cummings condemned the act of the violence currently taking place in the US and urged all Africans to approach the rule of law and refrain from violence. “There is no need to live in the west if our countries are developed. It’s unfortunate what’s happening in the US, but it is important for people to refrain from violence,” he stated.

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