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NKT Champion Evergreen Re-Echoes Need For More Assistance To Grassroots Football

By S. Siapha Mulbah
The president of the New Kru Town Subcommittee Champion in the Liberia Football Association National Third Division League Evergreen Football Club has re-echoed the need for the Liberia Football Association to focus more on the development of grassroots football across the country.
Bernard S. William alluded that the workings of the FA on the overall scale to have football growing in the country remains commendable, but the grassroots component is not feeling much of its impacts.
In an open letter to the FA president, Mustapha Raji, Williams indicated that the responsibility of the local football governance body is to strive for the best programs intended to aid the clubs under its watch and improve athletes living conditions.
According to him, clubs in the national first and second divisions league along with women clubs are continuously benefiting from financial and logistical assistance while the feeder clubs at the community and third division levels are given very little aid.
“We take this time to appreciate the president of Liberia Football Association for his supports towards the 1st, 2nd and women division teams in the national league. We appreciate president Raji administratively for constructing a modern headquarter for the Liberia football Association, and for the mini-stadiums constructed in Montserrado and Liberia at large, and we also want to appreciate him for the five footballs and one training ladder received from LFA at the lower level (third division) on Thursday, May 18, 2023 at the D-Twen sports field,” he said.
He reminded the LFA president that over the time, they have talked about some of the difficulties and challenges faced with in the lower divisions (3rd division and community league) of Liberian football.
He quoted Raji from a recent media appearance by saying, “Mr. president, in your parting statement of the recent press release you had on April 27 at the Intel Sports Media platform, you talked about the development and progress within Liberia football, you also talked about grassroots football clubs receiving materials from the LFA to help cut down some expenses because you know the challenges stakeholders are facing.”
He maintained that Raji promised that the Third division, community league and the women divisions of Liberia football league will receive 18 pairs of boots, footballs, bits, and other materials, while the 1st and 2nd divisions clubs will receive balls and other technical materials but boots will not be given because of the founding they’re receiving from LFA.
Contrary to the FA president’s statement, Bernard Williams alleged that his club Evergreen FC received five footballs and one ladder.
He stated, “When we talked about promoting grassroots football, we are talking about supporting grassroots football. We’re also part of Liberia football and being governed by the Liberia Football Association.
He contended, “The first and second division clubs you give all the supports to, where do they get their players from? It’s the same grassroots clubs that give them players.”
He pleaded with the FA president to see more reasons in increasing for the grassroots component to fit the program adding, “Please see reason to help us develop grassroots players.”

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