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Nimbaians Vow To Carry Weah Again

By Alex Yomah
Ahead of the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, Senator Prince Yormie Johnson (PYJ) has again committed the people of Nimba County to George Weah’s Presidential re-election bid.
“We will stand with the devil we know better than the angel that is yet to come. Do not doubt the people of Nimba Mr. President; if you return to campaign for your 2023 re-election, the people you see here today will ‘quadruple,” Sen. Johnson bragged.
Sen. Johnson who is being described as Nimba County’s political godfather indicated that his kinsmen are resolved to throw their political weight behind the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) political leader, the President of Liberia.
Nimba County, being described as the second largest vote-rich county next to Montserrado County showed its population’s strength everywhere the President visited in Nimba with showers of appreciation through statements coupled with gifts demonstrating their love for President George Weah.
Senator Johnson also spoke on behalf of the county’s legislative caucus during separate town hall meetings in the county in which, among many things, he lauded the turn up of Nimbaians during the President-citizens’ engagement tour.
Sen. Johnson who accompanied President Weah on his tour to Saniquelle, Karnplay as well as Yekepa displayed huge crowd since the Liberian leader entered Nimba on Monday, February 15, asserted that this display of citizens indicates that the residents are happy with their leader.
Besides the display of people, the county officials listed heap of development initiatives that the CDC-led government projected which include the construction plan of a modern city hall in Gompa as well as the ongoing road construction projects which are the Gompa to Saniquellie; Saniquellie to Loguatuo Border and the Gompa to Tappita Road project which is expected to extend to Grand Gedeh and beyond; the construction of market buildings and support to marketers; something the Senator termed as unprecedented.
Based on the numerous initiatives, he, at the same time urged the President not to be deterred by the presence of oppositions and political institutions in the county. He stated that the county is resolved to continue the CDC-led government beyond 2023.
Johnson, whose party partnered with the CDC to secure a win in the 2020 senatorial election vowed to maintain his support for Weah because according to him, the President has proven his critics wrong.
“Our people were apprehensive to elect you in 2017. Our people wanted Joseph Boakai but I, as their leader and political god-father, prevailed on them, convinced them to give you the chance and they listened to me. Today, I want to applaud you, Mr. President, because you did not make me shame. Thank you for the many developments you are doing in Nimba and in Liberia despite the global economic hurdles,” PYJ told President Weah.
Meanwhile, Senator Johnson informed the President that the Post & Telecommunication position is underrated because internet has surpassed the old-aged way of communicating therefore Liberians are no longer using the posting system and so, he implored President Weah to increase the numbers of Nimbaians in his government.
Sen. Johnson used the occasion to ask President Weah to employ additional five more of his kinsmen to ministerial positions in the government adding, “We need positions that will enable our citizens who are employed to help our other kinsmen who are unemployed.”
The Nimba County Senator also pleaded with Weah to instruct the Ministry of Public Works to fix the road leading to his church in Monrovia. “I, Nimba #1, the godfather of the second vote-rich county; and keen supporter of the CDC house road can not be the way it is.
But in a brief response, the Liberian leader considered Prince Johnson’s proposal as achievable and asked the Public Works Minister to take note.

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