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Nimba Lawmaker Decries Police
Absence In Yarwein-Mehnsonnoh

By Solomon T Gaye Sr
Nimba county Electoral District 9 Representative, Johnson Gwaikolo, has reiterated the need for more officers of the Liberia National Police in Yarwein Mehnsonnoh Statutory district.
In an interview with legislative reporters recently, Gwaikolo stressed the need for government to listen and deploy officers stating that the absence of the police has prompted what he called lawlessness in the district.
He added that residents in the district have to travel eight hours away to Tappita and Saclepea to complain of any lawlessness meted against them.
“I have written several letters to the Ministry of Justice about the lack of state security, but there has been no official response from Minister Musa Dean,” he said.
Police record in the possession of this paper showed that Yarwein Mehnsonnoh Statutory District, Gbe Doru and Kparblee are amongst several of the nine districts in the county allegedly topping reports of violence coupled with other criminal activities.
On December of last year, residents of Gbotuo Town and Biaplay clashed over the confiscation of a snail bag from a resident of Gbotuo Town which among other things, led to the death of one person and four others wounded.
The Gbotuo and Biaplay Towns have been at loggerheads over land dispute for several years; a situation that often resulted to insurrections in the district.
Yarwein Mehnsonnoh Statutory District contains three administrative districts with a large population and lacks basic infrastructural developments in terms of farm to market roads, security and others.

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