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Nimba Community University
Recruits Board Members Soon

By Solomon T. Gaye, Sr.
Representative Johnson Gwaikolo says recruitment of board members for the Nimba County Community University (NCCU) is scheduled soon.
The Nimba County lawmakers revealed that NCCU offers Bachelor of Art Degrees in various discipline thereby contributing to strengthening the education sectors in the country.
According to Gwaikolo, applicants for the recruitment exercise will first be received from the county before reviewing others from other parts of the country.
According to Representative Gwaikolo, students’ demonstration for the appointment of board members at the university for the past months and that is creating serious concern among members of the legislative caucus.
Since the election in 2017 and coming into power of the CDC-led Government 2018, the NCCU has been operating without board members and during the beginning of 2022 academic year; students staged a demonstration in demand of board members.
Vice president For Administration, Edwin F. Kruah, explained that the lack of board members is hampering the smooth running of the university as it is unable to fast track developments on the campus.
According to the Vice president for Administration, besides the absence of board members, the university is going through constraints to give out official documents to graduates from NCCU in Sanniquellie.
Nimba County Community College got a university status during the first term of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf under the supervision of former Education Minister, the late Joseph Korto.

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