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NIDO Liberia Sets Record Straight …Detest Alarming Criminal Activities In Monrovia

The leadership of Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO) Liberia under Chief Thank God McDonald Iriruaga is reassuring Nigeria’s efforts in sustaining peace and stability in Liberia.
According to the NIDO, the contributions by the government and peoples of Nigeria to the development of Liberia should not be wildly forgotten because of few bad elements who are Nigerian nationals recalling that their statement is from the backdrop that few weeks ago, there was a robbery incident in the Red-light Community that resulted to the death of five robbers after exchange of guns with the Liberia National Police and it was later reported to the public by the Police that one of the robbers was a Nigerian.
“This has created a dark cloud over our businesses and images as well-meaning Nigerian citizens residing in Liberia. We hereby clarify to the public that we totally distance ourselves from such criminal activities as NIDO Liberia appreciates the Liberia National Police Force, headed by Col. Patrick T. Sudue, for their constant engagement against those criminals who have the desire in making the society unpleasant,” the group’s leadership asserted.
NIDO Liberia however called on the Nigeria Embassy to equip Nigerian associations and organizations in Liberia with strategy in fishing out the bad elements for deportation noting, “We want Liberians also to retrospect about their dark days and recognize that Nigerians are not just criminals as has been wildly speculated across the country, but we are a true bilateral partner in progress to this Country.”
The group recalled that it due to the long bilateral relationship and mutual bonding that awaken some people, companies and especially the financial sectors (Banks) in the early days to invest in Liberia immediately after the war in Liberia even when the environment was not favorable for investors and while the country was being referred to as a war-torn country and no foreign investor was willing to take the risks.
“Many Nigerians here have demonstrated a strong faith to make Liberia a sustainable state by providing jobs, and other employment opportunities through their establishment to contribute to the economic growth and development of Liberia,” NIDO Liberia stated.
“To our fellow Liberians, we want to thank you for the hospitality and trust you have imposed in us as to making Liberia a better place for all of us to live. We will continue to reinforce our engagement with all of the relevant security authorities in accessing information about Nigerian records with them as to help fish out the bad ones,” the group expressed.
“To those of you Nigerians who are would be criminals, we strongly asking you people to refrain from your criminal activities and be a good Ambassador of Nigeria in Liberia,” the group concluded.

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