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New Organization To Eliminate Food Poverty Launched In Liberia

A UK based Liberian Group, “I Lift Africa”, has been launched in Liberia with the objective to eliminate poverty among Liberians for the next ten years.
Launching the international non-profitable organization on Tuesday, May 25 in Monrovia, its founder and CEO, Jerry Boweh, disclosed that the initiative which has attracted huge international admiration will require the acquiring of 40,000 acres of land to execute a vast agricultural investment in the country.
According to Mr. Boweh, the investment, when initiated will create a mammoth employment opportunities for young Liberians and farmers, as the project will solicit the provision of standardized farming logistics to be used in Liberia.
Boweh also said that the agricultural-based charity fund if successfully implemented with the moral support from the government and citizens of Liberia will ensure that the country is self-reliant in food production as well as serving as major exporter of items to the rest of the continents.
He then called on Liberians to take advantage and ownership of the project which is expected to begin in 2022 as well as collectively work in ensuring that Liberia leads efforts in lifting Africa through food sufficiency.
Boweh explained how he attempted initiating the project in Liberia during the regime of Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf but noted that it did not materialize due to other unforeseen circumstances beyond their control.
The UK-based Liberian primarily seeks the government of President George Weah to embrace the initiative and work with Liberian citizens both at home and abroad to ensure that the 40 acres of land are provided to begin the huge agricultural investment in Liberia.
The “I Lift Africa” CEO Boweh further indicated that the farm intends to incorporate over five thousand vulnerable young Liberians and will also consist of every infrastructures including schools, hospitals, factory, housing facilities, storage and food processing infrastructures so as to assist in preserving food, among others.
“If we all get together and put our strength and minds on the back of agriculture, we will very soon realize that Liberia can feed the world,” Boweh stated.
Meanwhile, CEO Boweh clarified that he has no political alignment though he worked with President Weah during the disarmament process of various warring factions in the 90s.

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