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New Duala Market Dedication Postponed
…As Weah Declares 3-Day National Mourning For N/Kru Town Tragedy

President George M. Weah has declared a 3-day of national mourning following the tragic and heavy loss of lives in a stampede in New Kru Town outside Monrovia.
The incident is reported to have taken place during an open-air church service in the area.
The President ordered that the national ensign be flown at half-mast at all public buildings throughout the Republic while the nation mourns.
The President is disheartened by such a national calamity.
The President has mandated the police to conduct a full-scale investigation to ascertain whether or not there is criminal culpability and urged the authorities of the LNP to ensure the investigation is speedy and thorough, saying that anyone found liable will be dealt with by the law.
The Liberian leader has also called on health authorities, including the Liberian National Red Cross and the Disaster Management Agency, to assist with treatment and recovery efforts.
President Weah has conveyed his deepest sympathies to the families of the bereaved while thanking all those who provided help to the victims in the immediate aftermath of the stampede.
Meanwhile, the dedication ceremony of the new Duala Market which was to be performed by the President today has been postponed indefinitely in deference to the deceased.

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