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NEC Boss Designate Faces Tough Confirmation Hearing Today .. 12 Political Parties Want Him Rejected

The Senate’s Committee Chairman on Autonomous Agency and Commission, Senator J. Milton Teahjay, is encouraging the public to the confirmation hearing of all those nominated by President George to head the National Elections Commission for the next seven (7) years. In consonant with the 1986 Constitution of Article 54, President George Manneh Weah over the weekend nominated six people to replace the current Commissioners which seven years tenure expires this march.
Those nominated by the Liberian leader that are expected to face what appears to be a tough confirmation hearing today include; Cllr. A. Ndubusi Nwabudike, Chairperson of the National Elections Commission; Davidetta Browne Lannsah, Co-Chair; Cllr. Ernestine Morgan-Awar, Commissioner; Floyd Sayor, Commissioner; Barsee Kpangbai, Commissioner and Josephine Kou-Gaye.
Addressing legislative reporters on Capitol Hill, Senator Teahjay who does not want the Committee to be suggested to public condemnation, encouraged the public to be part-particularly, those that have issues with any of the nominees to write their qualms and submit them.
He assured the public including the media that their inquiries and concerns will be looked into keenly. The former Superintendent however indicated that they would consider the qualms that will be backed by facts and constitutionally propelled- adding that the committee will do its judgment on the Constitution and not based on perception.
“Because we don’t want people to think that we will conduct the confirmation hearing in closed door; we are asking the public to be present so as to avoid doubt. We can assure you that we will do facts-check including credentials; public and past records.”
Since the nomination of the NEC’s Officials designate, two of the nominees have come under serious condemnations-while some members of the opposition blocks are calling and imploring the Senate not to confirm them.
The NEC Chairperson designate, Cllr. A. Ndubusi Nwabudike and Commissioner Floyd Sayor’ appointments have come under public scrutiny.
Oppositions are contending the NEC Boss designate due to his alleged proximity with President George Weah and some of his cabinet ministers.
Both Civil Society Organizations and oppositions claimed Cllr. Nwabudike has been appointed to three tenure positions just within three years of the CDC-led government, something they claimed, demonstrates his alleged proximity with Weah.
Cllr. A. Ndubusi Nwabudike’s nationality is one thing that has been questioned even though Cllr. Nwabudike said his critics have no case against him, noting that he is a Liberian. According to him, he was born by a Liberian mother and a Nigerian father but chose Liberia at 18 as required by the Liberian Constitution. He also clarified that he is a member of the Liberia Bar Association, which he explained that only a Liberian lawyer joins and other justifications.
Another nominee being questioned is Floyd Sayor; the nominee was accused by members of the four collaborating political parties for being an expert in elections fraud.
Telia Urey particularly accused Mr. Sayor of being responsible for the recount in District-15 bi-election between her and now Representative Abu Kamara and other allegations.
In other development, 12 political parties have written the Liberian Senate informing that body that the NEC Chairperson-designate still holds allegiance to his country of birth according to the Nigerian Constitution and therefore must not be confirmed.
The political parties include VOLT, VCP, LINU, RDC, DJP, CDA, NLP, ALP, LRP, PUP, GDPL and TWP which they took their reliance from the holy quote which says “One no man can serve two masters” as well as the provision that speaks to citizenship in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
The political parties said if confirmed, Cllr. Nwabudike has the propensity to engender electoral violence in Liberia based on credibility issues which could undermine the valuable work of international partners in establishing peace and stability in the country.
The parties wondered why such a person with a divided allegiance would be the one to conduct a pending referendum to decide whether or not Liberia accepts dual citizenship and therefore called on the Liberian Senate to reject the appointment of Cllr. Nbudusi Nwabudike.
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