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Naresh Brother Incorporated Caught For Stealing Current

By S. Siapha Mulbah( cub reporter)
The Liberia National Police (LNP) has sent to court an Indiana national identified as Amandani Karan for allegedly thievery of power supply.
Defendant Karan was arrested, investigated and charged in violation of chapter 15 Sub-chapter “D” section 15.88 of the New Penal law of Liberia.
The charge sheet revealed that the power theft team at the Liberia Electricity Cooperation (LEC) including of some members of the LNP were on their normal routine to curtail power theft when it was discovered that the Naresh Brother Incorporated on Randell and Benson Streets was illegally connected to LEC power.
Police further explained that the assigned Manager at the Naresh Brother Incorporated on Randell and Benson Streets Branch, defendant Karan denied all allegations levied against him explaining that the meter connected to his business center was issued December 2018 by members of the LEC team.
The police investigation established that defendant Karan hired non employees of LEC to connect his business center line directly to the power grid of the LEC so as to have the business using the power without paying the required bills to the entity; adding that the business had been involved in the act for over years including January 2020 to August 2021.
“The value of the power used by the business for more than a is yet to be determined by the investigation,” the police established.
The police charge sheet added that the owner of the Naresh Brother Incorporated convinced the defendant that the power connection to the business was legitimate which he (defendant) he did nothing but continue on the power till the power theft team made the discovery.
The investigators who spoke to some community dwellers said that the manager of the business was advised by some residents (names withheld) to stop the illegal use of the LEC power, but he refuse to adhere to the advice.
The police said that the wires and meter connected to the Naresh Brother business center were retrieved and in the possession of the police as fruits of the crimes, and forwarded to court defendant Karan for the way and manner in which the crimes were committed with the clues gathered by the investigation team.

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