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NACSUL On Beekeh’s Retirement Issue With NASSCORP Management

The National Civil Society Union of Liberia (NACSUL) is condemning the management of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) for abruptly retiring a dedicated civil servant like Davis Beekeh.
“Beekeh needs to be reinstated and given a notice for retirement; as this could get him adjusted and afford him time to decide on his next course in his future endeavor,” NACSUL stated.
According to the Civil Society Union, it has worked with and followed the activities of Beekeh while at NASSCORP and found him to be among the finest communication directors the nation can boast about having served as a true gatekeeper in demystifying false information against the entity and providing facts that the public can rely on.
NACSUL in a press release noted that Beekeh has wom for himself acclamations as a communication specialist who understands media relations and has cordial working relationship with the media landscape.
The group expressed how Beekeh came to the said post with vast expertise in communication and that he has over the years increased his portfolio and added value to the communications department at the entity.
The group noted that with Beekeh’s length of time with the NASSCORP couple with his moral standing amidst all of the malpractices or corruptions in the governmental cycle makes him deserving of a befitting departure from the entity and not an impromptu notice of retirement.
NACSUL expressed frustration in the NASSCORP management for the manner in which Beekeh was relieved from his post.
The group noted that the Pension Law provides for an employee to be served a retirement notice six months to one year before the retirement takes effect, but this was not followed, as Beekeh was notified on May 7, 2021 and was retired at the end of June 2021, which is far less than two months.
“This is bad administrative practice under the watchful eyes of Director-General Dewit VonBallmoos, an individual who believes in best practices.
The group calls the attention of Director VonBallmoos on what it termed as an abrupt retirement of Beekeh and wants his intervention.
The National Civil Society Union of Liberia therefore called on the management of NASSCORP to revise its decision, reinstate the Communication Director and give him due process, in line with the Pension Law of the Republic of Liberia.
“When we recently spoke with Beekeh, we observe that the abrupt retirement is causing him emotional distress and mental anguish, which we see as unfair to the dedicated servant who has served the entity for over 38 years,” the CSO group maintained.
Meanwhile, NACSUL has commended the Communication Director of NASSCORP, Davis Beekeh, for his dedication and diligent service to the entity over the years.

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