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Mysterious Death Ends Rep. Kogar’s Political Tour

By Solomon T. Gaye, Sr.
Representative Samuel Kogar’s political tour in District 5 apparently ended with a mysterious death in Bahn City, Zoe-Geh District in Nimba County.
The brother of the deceased, Spenser Tuazama, alleged that his brother Sekou Gaye died after greeting Representative Kogar in the traditional way and he later fell off.
According to the deceased’s brother, Sekou died in less than thirty minutes after hugging Representative Kogar upon his arrival in Bahn District.
The death news of the deceased brought normal activities in Bahn to a standstill for fear of protest by the youths, family members or politicians.
When the victim fell off, he was taken to the Bahn Health Center for medical treatment where he was pronounced dead by the OIC.
Since the beginning of August 2022, Representative Kogar has been touring District 5 where he along with his team has been meeting with traditional chiefs, elders, women organizations, local authorities and youth groups inspecting some ongoing projects.
Representative Kogar told a media team that he strongly believes that Sekou died as a result of high blood pressure thereby expressing regret over the situation which he termed as an untimely death.
Representative Kogar added that the victim was very dear to him and will never forget him.

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