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“My Reason For Supporting Weah Is On Course” -Snowe Reacts

By Bill W. Cooper

Bomi County Senator, Edwin Melvin Snowe, in reaction to media reports, reiterates his unwavering support for George M. Weah’s bid for reelection in the runoff election.

It was reported on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, that Senator Snowe announced

his resignation from the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) campaign team, on grounds that he cannot work together with Costa and Urey.

But in reaction to media reports, Sen. Snowe emphatically stated, “On my own as an adult, I decided to support the re-election bid of President Weah and in my declaration to support the President, there was no precondition set because I have my own reasons of supporting and those reasons are still on course.”

“So, whoever Mr. Weah put on his campaign team is not my business to decide or debate with the campaign team, because maybe others in the CDC or brought on board might have their own problems with me, and it cannot make them to leave because I’m included.”

“I may have an option if your speculation or information is correct, and maybe there is someone on the campaign that I feel we should not be in the same room, and if they are around, I will excuse them, but that will not make me to divorce myself from Mr. Weah because I still enjoy his confidence,” he said.

In a conversation with legislative reporters yesterday in Monrovia, Snowe further emphasized his commitment in ensuring that President Weah is re-elected, highlighting the numerous achievements and progress made under his leadership.

When quizzed about his feeling about Costa and the Urey joining the CDC, the Bomi County Senator said, “As for the Costa issue, I have no comment, but I am, and will remain, committed to working with anybody in making sure that President Weah is re-elected.”

Sen. Snowe was charged with the responsibility of delivering the Western Region, which include Bomi, Gbarpolu, and Grand Cape Mount Counties, to the CDC, during the first round of elections and potential runoff.

The Senator, while showing great enthusiasm for President Weah, who opted to remain silent on the subject of Costa and Urey joining the CDC, vowed to embark on a proactive campaign in the coming days, aimed at delivering the Western Region to the CDC during the November poll.

Commenting his recent critical stance on issues of national concern, Sen. Snowe bragged of always being vocal in the interest of the Liberian people, saying, “That is me right there, and I don’t mince my words once it is pertaining to the people.”

“Ask people about me; I always raise my voice loud once it is about issues in the interest of my constituency and the country at large. And others who know me can speak of my record, because it was for my critical stance that I also lost the Speakership during my time at the House of Representatives.

“So, my action of being critical did not only start today, but has been my habit since I got elected to the National Legislature as a Representative, now Senator, representing the people of Bomi County,” he added.

As the presidential run-off approaches, Senator Snowe’s announcement regarding his unwavering commitment to President Weah certainly adds weight to the CDC campaign, but his refusal to comment on Costa and Urey joining the CDC leaves room for speculation and further leaves his supporters in total disarray, or lack of direction.

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