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“My Neutrality Was Not Based On Personal Interests” -Sarah Beslow Nyanti Clarifies

By Bill W. Cooper

The political leader of the Liberian Liberation League (ALL), Sarah Beslow Nyanti, has clarified that her neutrality during the county’s presidential run-off election was not based on personal interests, as is being insinuated.

Addressing a press conference over the weekend in Monrovia, Nyanti addressed the concerns and allegations surrounding her previously stated position of remaining neutral during the crucial political phase.

She began by acknowledging the significance of the run-off election for the future of Liberia, stressing the importance of a fair and transparent democratic process was all she sought and desired at the time.

According to her, she was not necessarily neutral, as she took the side of the Liberian people during the process, emphasizing her commitment to upholding democratic values and ensuring that the will of the Liberian people was respected.

Strongly refuting the assertion, the ALL leader furthered that her stance was purely based on principles and a desire to maintain a level playing field for all candidates, and allowing the citizens to freely decide their own leader without fear or intimidation.

“I want it to be clear that my neutrality in this run-off election had nothing to do with personal interests or a hidden agenda. I firmly believe that this election should be about the aspirations of the Liberian people, free from any undue influence or partiality,” she said.

Nyanti further elaborated on her decision, emphasizing that it was a carefully considered and principled choice, keeping the best interests of the nation at heart, highlighting the need to foster unity and national reconciliation from the winner of the election.

“I genuinely believe that taking a neutral stance demonstrates my genuine commitment to a democratic process, and enables me to act as a unifying force, because it enables me focus more on the citizenry, and my mission was successful,” she added.

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