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Musu Family Still Seeks Closure In Charloe’s Murder

The family of the late Charloe Musu who was allegedly murdered at the Virginia Home of former Chief Justice, Gloria Maya Musu-Scott, continue to accuse the police of “manipulation and humiliation” In its investigation.

A statement dated Thursday, March 30, 2023, and issued in Monrovia under the signature of the family’s head, Bishop Julius Musu recounted what the family has experienced during the last two weeks since the police declared Scott and her household as “Persons of Interest” in the ongoing investigation.

They said on Wednesday, March 22, the police through the family lawyers, requested the appearance of five family members including Gertrude Newton, Alice Johnson (AC), Godson Y. Kollie and the biological parents of the late Charloe Musu, Magistrate Alphonso C. Musu, Sr. and Lucy Musu, father and mother, for questioning.

Upon arrival at the LNP Headquarters, police investigators had a separate meeting with the father and mother of the late Charloe Musu in which they denied the lawyers presence on ground that they were not subjected to the investigation but police authorities wanted to express empathy with them, contrary to the original request.

That during said meeting police authorities allegedly indulged in manipulating and inciting the father and mother against the family by the following actions have the both of you (parent) been to the house where the incident occurred?

Furthermore, the family said the police told the parent how the house is very protected and that “There is no evidence of anybody entering or leaving the house therefore, they should allegedly go and ask Scott good and let her tell you the truth.”

In one of the photos from a smart phone possessed by one of the senior police officers and showed to the father, according to the statement, the father claimed to have seen the late Charloe lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

They said that the police authorities promised to provide transportation to take the father and mother on the crime scene to see how secure the house is so that they too can believe that there was no strange entry and exit.

“The mystery is how the police could have a photo of the late Charloe Musu lying on the floor of the house in a pool of blood when there was no police presence during the incident and up to the time, she was taken to the Faith Clinic and then the Redemption Hospital,” the family wondered.

It said that on Thursday, March 23, while a family member, Nathaniel Toe was on a local radio Sky FM, speaking to these issues, spokesman Moses Carter was called by the presenter he said that the father and mother of the later Charloe Musu were not being investigated but interviewed and that the police used the time to empathize with them.

The family said in ordinary Liberian custom and way of life, sympathizers and empathizers will normally go to the residence and or location of the bereaved family to sympathize or empathize with them but the Police did it differently and with prejudice.

The statement said up to present, the family’s request for the coroner’s report of the February 27, inquest and the profile of the pathologist have not been responded to.

“These actions and statements of the police authorities who are the very ones conducting the investigation, grossly undermines the process and points to nothing but an outcome that will not address the core subject of who perpetrated this menace against the family,” the statement said.

It continued that in the mind and contemplation of the family, the police by these actions and statements, which are preemptive and conclusive have the propensity to undermine and alter the actual result of the investigation and continue to reveal a trend of a conspiracy theory intended to make the victims perpetrators of the crime. These clearly give us, the Musu family an impression that this investigation will have a desired and already crafted political outcome,” the statement noted.

The family expressed disappointment and still craves the involvement of international partners to assist with an independent investigation into this matter to ensure that due process of law is attained into this murder and assault, since this is not the only case that has been downplayed but series of other murders in our country where the proper investigations are yet to either be commenced or completed.

The family believes that these are very serious and concerning issues to the family in its state of grief as the investigation proceeds in this matter.

It stated that the family remains very concerned that even though there were two initial attacks on February 8-9, 2023, two nights in a row, which were reported to the Police and also in the mass media, Police investigators and authorities will choose to deliberately treat, handle and proceed with the investigation in such manner and form.

The family therefore believes that truth, when crushed to the ground will raise again adding, “This God is set to do it for us in this matter.”

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