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Muslims May Begin Ramadan Tomorrow, But…

A Committee comprised of the National Muslim Council of Liberia, the National Imam Council and the League of Islamic Scholars have instructed all Muslims to begin the search for the new month of Ramadan on the evening of Wednesday, April 22.
The committee agreed that if the moon is sighted on today, Wednesday evening, then Thursday April 23, will be the first of Ramadan but in the event that the moon is not sighted on the evening of Wednesday, the month of Shabbat will be completed to 30 days and Friday, April 24 will be the first day of Ramadan 1441.
The committee’s decision read by the incoming chairperson of the National Muslim Council of Liberia on Monday therefore instructs that all mosques should remain closed as mandated earlier and the prayer should be performed at home while all Imams are mandated to ensure that prayers are called which should be declared at every prayer time without opening the mosques to the public.
Meanwhile, the committee calls on all Muslims to use this holy month of Ramadan to offer special prayers for the relief of the coronavirus pandemic and any other disasters affecting the nation and humankind.

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