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Muslim Council Craves
Religious Sensitivity During Census

The National Muslim Council of Liberia (NMCL) says it appreciates the extension of the National Housing and Population Census (NHPC) by the government and the resolution of the Legislature.

However, the Council reminded the general public especially the Muslim population that census is a vital tool for national development that we all yearn for so desperately, therefore urged them to play their part to ensure its success by giving their fullest cooperation to the enumerators in their respective homes.

“We take this time also to remind LISGIS that religious sensitivity is highly necessary during the enumeration; accurate religious data and appropriate timing of numerators’ visits at homes, especially on religious weekends mainly Fridays and Sundays must be taken into account to avoid inaccurate information for such an important and historic exercise,” the statement said.

The religious body stated further that Liberia as a postwar country cannot afford to have a grossly disputable and incorrect census results and the recognizes the issues and challenges surrounding the preparation of this year’s census but we call on the enumerators to demonstrate patriotism and diligence per excellence and resist any temptation to corrupt the results.

“The solution of the numerous problems faced by us as country today might well be laying in the outcome of an accurate and indisputable census results as government and development partners spend years using these data for development interventions,” the Council stated.

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