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Muslim Council Begs
For Legislative Pardon
…Condemns Kinsmen’s Action Against Lawmaker

Yesterday act was just unfortunate, illegal and inappropriate. On behalf of the Sheriff family, we want to say we are sorry that it happened at all,” these were the exact words of the National Muslim Council.
According to the Muslim Council, when any of their kinsmen do something that is not proper, they say it and if they do something right, they will also say it adding, “We want to say we condemned it and we pray that the House of Representatives will forgive us and the our brother and sister for the act done on yesterday.”
Members of the Muslin Council trooped the premises of the Capitol yesterday appealing to the lawmakers for mercy following what appeared to be a disrespectful scene created by a lady identified, Makanvee Sheriff who allegedly insulted and assaulted Grand Kru County Representative, Nathaniel Bahway.
Madam Sheriff and Abdul Sheriff believed to be her brother were facing legislative contempt for their misconduct against the lawmaker suddenly she collapsed before the lawmakers even handed their verdict but she was rushed to an unknown hospital.
The plenary of the House mandated the Sergeant-At-Arms to dispatch a team to the hospital to observe Madam Sheriff so that following her recovery she is taken to the Monrovia Central Prison to serve a 15-day imprisonment.
Makanvee and her brother Sheriff were sent to common jail at the Monrovia Central Prison for 15 days for taking law into their hands especially on the grounds of the Capitol Building.
The House decision to charge Mankanvee and Abdul with contempt and reprimand them at the Monrovia Central Prison was in line with Article 44 of the 1986 Constitution.
Article 44 of the Constitution states, “Contempt of the Legislature shall consist of actions which obstruct the legislative functions, or which obstruct or impede members or officers of the legislature in the discharge of their legislative duties and may be punished by the House concerned by reasonable sanctions after a hearing consistent with due process of law.”
“No sanction shall extend beyond the session of the legislature wherein it is imposed, and any sanction imposed shall conform to the previsions of fundamental rights laid down in this constitution. Disputes between legislators and non-members which are properly cognizable in the courts shall not be entertained or heard in the Legislature,” the law states.
Mankanvee and Abdul admitted their acts and rendered apologies appealing to the lawmakers to pardon them while Mankanvee personally stated, “All I can say is that I am sorry for my action. I do not know what came over me to do what I did to the lawmaker. Even as we speak, I am not well and I’m begging you to please forgive me for whatsoever I did today. My action was not intentional.”
Describing the action of the Sheriffs’ action as an affront to all lawmakers, the ‘honorable’ legislators screamed, “This is an issue that we should not take likely and as such, we need to take any action that will serve as deterrence because we will soon be going to election and if we do not do anything about this matter, we will be giving room for more attacks to be waged against lawmakers and this case will be or serve as a case study.”
“This is not the first time these things have happened to lawmakers. Many of you will recall the incident with Rep. Kiazolu, Edwin Snowe when he was with us and many more, so it is now that we invoke Article 44 of the Constitution on those people outside to see and know that we are not jokers,” the lawmakers flexed their legislative contempt powers.
However, other lawmakers like Moses Acarous Gray, Moima Briggs Mensah and Haja Fata Siryon took the sides of the Sheriffs’ and pleaded with their colleagues to have sympathy on the culprits.
“We are just appealing to your conscience to please see reason and forgive them or reduce their punishment because they have already admitted to their wrongdoing and have apologized,” the three lawmakers added.
The incident began on the morning on November 16 when Makanvee, Abdul and two other accomplices stormed the Capitol Building and verbally attacked Representative Bahway in the full glare of legislative staffers, lawmakers as well as Bahway’s personal staffers.
According to Sheriff and Abdul, while en route to town, the Grand Kru County lawmaker allegedly hit their vehicle while on his way to attend session at the Capitol Building but demonstrated on sign of remorse and speed off towards the Capitol, something which prompted their action to have chased him.

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