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Motorcyclists Take Over Police Station In Nimba

By Solomon Gaye, Sr.

Reports reaching this paper say on Friday, November 27 at about 8:00 A.M. several motorcyclist in Ganta attacked the police station as well as the Gompa Funeral Home in demand of justice.The hullabaloo came about due to the prolong wait for justice in the case resulting to a motorcyclist identified as Samuel Selleh who on March 5, was attacked by a police officer also identified as Sensee Cole and allegedly killed.
Following the incident, though the officer was disrobed and placed in jailed but with the delay in adjudicating the matter and turning the body over to the relatives for burial, the motorcyclists union Regional Coordinator for Bong, Lofa and Nimba Counties, Emmanuel Sartee called on all motorcyclists to gather and stage a protest in demand of justice.
With the Union’s earlier call for a speedy trial of the case, the government instructed the county attorney to assign the case and it was placed on the docket for the November Term of court but the defense lawyer asked for change of venue which was granted and the case was transferred to Grand Bassa.
The government then authorized the motorcyclists and the family of the deceased to take delivery of the body for burial but according to the eyewitnesses, when the body was taken from the funeral home at the grave site in a casket provided by the family, it was during the viewing that alarm was raised that that was not their son’s body.
Those who had gone to bury the decomposed body of Samuel who had been at the mortuary for nine months said the body looked like a Fula man; something which aggravated the motorcyclists to go amok.
They took the casket with the decomposed corpse in it and dumped it at the police station; something which promoted the police on duty to escape for fear of their lives.
Report said as a result of the motorcyclists’ action of throwing stones at the police and destroying the police station and adjacent properties, the police commander instructed that all detainees be set free.
As if not satisfied, the angry motorcyclists took the casket to the funeral home and similarly damaged the entire property. Meanwhile, investigation is ongoing.

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