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MOT Intensifies Inspection

The Ministry of the Transport team in Vai Town has intensified inspection and the Ministry’s regulation in adherence of the Minister of Transport’s mandate to park unregistered vehicles plying the streets of Monrovia.
The Vai Town team Supervisor Janet Brathwaite along with an inspector was seen in action on Tuesday, September 1, 2020 pulling more vehicles across the Vai Town Bridge to ensure that the mandate of their boss is met.
Their action was closely monitored by our reporter who spent hours monitoring the team including John S. Kun along with some officers of the Liberia National Police who were authenticating records and directing a free flow of traffic.
The team’s supervisor, Mrs. Braithwaite, without fear and favor was seen impounding vehicles without vehicle registration, expired registration, drivers without licenses, vehicles without insurance and vehicles without number plates.
The Vai Town inspection team is noted for its vigorous action in ensuring that vehicles meet the MOT policy and standard before getting on the streets of Monrovia.
In recent time, the Ministry of Transport started the inspection of all vehicles plying the streets of Monrovia and expected to continue next week.
Meanwhile, the Drivers Union of Liberia recently issued a statement, calling on the Government of Liberia to relax registration on drivers, pointing to the Coronavirus pandemic that had slowed down the business income of drivers.

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