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Morris Farm Residents Endorse Sen. Dillon

By Bill W. Cooper
As citizens gear toward the December 8 polls, several residents of the Morris Farm Community have endorsed the senatorial bid of Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon in the pending senatorial election across the country.
The endorsement ceremony which took place over the weekend in the Morris Farm Community in Paynesville, brought face-to-face community leaders and residents including Lofa County District #1 Rep., Francis S. Nyumanlin and Montserrado County Senatorial hopeful, Abraham Darius Dillon and Unity Party Asst. Secretary General, Mo Ali among others.
Reading the endorsement statement, Morris Farm Community Acting Secretary, Henry D. Dagoseh said that their decision as a community to endorse Sen. Dillon was not on the basis of extorting money in exchange of their votes, come December 8 but was instead based on his unflinching and robust representation, as well as genuine advocacies since his ascendancy to the 54th L legislature.
According to Dagoseh, the community dwellers will ensure their unbending support and commitment to vigorously campaign through the 17 electoral districts in the country for his reelection to Senate in the pending December 8 election.
He added, “Despite the statement emanating from your rivals and political opponents classifying you as a vacation senator, we as residents from the Morris Farm Community want to clearly state today and inform the county that you have passed the ‘probation period title’ being ascribed to you by them, as we hereby sign your employment as the next senator of Montserrado county to represents us at the 54th Legislature.”
Speaking further, Dagoseh cautioned Sen. Dillon to continue his advocacy and do away with compromising the interest of the citizenry, stressing, “Sen. Dillon, please do the people of Montserrado County’s work with due diligence of being increasingly vocal and robust in your advocacies for good governance, and policies that will impact the common men and women of our beloved country Liberia.”
Meanwhile, the Morris Farm Community through its Acting Secretary, Dagoseh has mandated Sen. Dillon to champion a bill seeking to include in the National Budget subsidies for all primary and secondary private institutions across the country annually when reelected to the Liberian Senate.
He further stated that the bill should also ensure that the Ministry of Education (MoE) enforces its supervisory duties with respect to curtailing substandard mushroom schools operating in the country, and alluded that said had undermined quality education in the country.
Dagoseh averred, “With this, we are optimistic that it will be one way or the other to help mitigate the financial burdens on every single Liberian parent struggling to pay fees that have skyrocketed in the midst of the high economic deterioration triggered by corruption, unemployment and ill-leadership amongst others.”
Receiving the endorsement statement, the Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon lauded the residents for their endorsement and reiterated that he will ensure the reduction of lawmakers’ salaries to US$5,000 for the betterment of the ordinary citizens.
Sen. Dillon added that if lawmakers agree to take home US$5,000 monthly, the remaining money of their salary can be diverted to other sectors that include the Health, Education and Agriculture among others.
He further promised the residents of the Morris Farm Community of his resilience in advocating for the ordinary people in the country, stating, “As long as I’m in the Legislature, the LIGHT which I promised will perpetually remain BRIGHT.”

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