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More Travelers On Departures Testing Positive Of COVID …Says Health Minister

Health Minister Wilhelmina Jallah said those traveling out of the country are the ones being tested positive of the COVID-19 instead of those who are coming into the country.
She wondered where have these positive covid carriers have been hiding within the borders of the country and have refused to get tested or do voluntary tests; she then warned that from now on, travelers will not be granted traveling certificate for COVID-19 for 90 days until he/she can do proper test.
The Health Minister disclosed that the voluntarily testing center has been relocated from the Samuel Kanyon Doe’s Sport Complex in Paynesville to the Union Sample Collection Site situated on the Sophie Ice Cream Road in Congo Town on the Tubman Boulevard.
“COVID-19 has not yet finished globally, therefore, we must respect the preventive measures or protocols put into place by the government and international partners,” she noted.
Addressing the regular press briefing at the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism on yesterday, Jallah admitted that, that was a draft of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA’S) provisional audit report sent to them in order to get their comments but she did not know how it got to the public.
She said the US$48 million was a budget and not a physical cash or money given to the Ministry of Health, National Public Institute of Liberia and other agencies of government in the sector.
Minister Jallah clarified that the Health Ministry and other health institutions in the country did not received US$48 million for COVID-19 as it is being insinuated in the public through the media and social networks.
However, she admitted of receiving US$5 million from the government from February up to the present and that amount is being used carefully.

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