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More Revelations On ? Solunteh’s ‘Betrayal’ Allegation

Ambassador Jeremiah Solunteh who left the Alternative National Congress recently on the allegation of “betrayal” against him from the hierarchy of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) has opened up by revealing more reasons behind his departure.
He stated how he was allegedly “deceived” by the ANC who fully endorsed his desire of contesting the December 8, senatorial post during a formal and elaborate programme held on December 16, 2019 in Gbarnga, Bong County.
He told the media this week that thereafter he began receiving mixed signals from the party’s executives as to what was happening but nobody was brave or cared to tell him the truth.
Solunteh continued that it was not until in February of this year when he received a mobile phone call from ANC’s leader Alexander Cummings informing him that the ANC will not field any candidate in Bong County as that slot has been allotted to the Unity Party (UP) in the political groupings of CPP.
“Thereafter, I suggested to Cummings the need for CPP to conduct a primary in Bong County which he was ready to submit and when he is defeated, he was prepared to remain the party’s discipline,” the former Minister of Transport noted.
Regrettably, Solunteh went further that he was told there would be primaries in other counties but not in Bong County. “It was at that point I got the desirous that I could not stay because ANC has failed to respect its own commitment of December, 2019 in Gbarnga,” Solunteh stated.
He said politics is about interest; as such, it is not a joking game that somebody sitting somewhere would play with the life of another person upon whom a group of people rest their trust.
Solunteh however did not state where he is heading next but was quick to note that Bong County is in dire need of a reconciler and that he stands a better chance of being that person because both the young and old folks believe in him.
Commenting on the performance of the current regime, he indicated that it was too soon for one to conclude having gone two and half years.
He said when it comes to the justice system mainly in the fight against corruption, the regime must be commended. Solunteh cited the trial of several present and former public officials who are in court for alleged corruption and other forms of abuses.
“Public officials are being jailed for corruption; communities’ roads network have improved as well as the energy sector is gradually on course in various areas of the capital and in the rural areas,” he noted.
In another development, the suspended youth leader of the ANC, Benjamin T. Myers has resigned but did not state whether from the party or only from the position.
He said he was reprimanded having being accused of holding what is considered as “secret discussions” with All Liberian Party’s leader, Benoni Wilfred Urey. Myers claimed how for 8 years he remained consistent with the ANC but for him to have been treated in the manner and form took him aback.
But in sharp reaction to Myers’ insinuation, ANC’s Secretary General Aloysius Toe said the suspended youth leader was caught “red-handed” with secret recordings but when he was asked to report himself to the ANC’s leader (Cummings), he refused.
Toe stated among many things that Myers was allegedly engaged either in espionage or uncovered affairs with another political leader while without the consent of the ANC; something that is forbidden for that matter.

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